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Baseball Pitching Grips

No description

ian higa

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Baseball Pitching Grips

This section is for pitches that only a few players throw. For example the knuckle ball and the gyro ball.
A slider is a type of curve ball that breaks more side ways than a curve ball. It is faster than a curve ball.
Change Up
There are many types of change ups, but the two main ones are the circle change and the football change.
Curve Ball
The curve ball is a classic breaking ball. It drops down and moves side ways across the plate. The curve ball is gripped slightly differently than the fastball and it is released with a pulling or snapping motion on the outside half of the ball
Baseball Pitches
A fastball is usually the first pitch you will learn. There are two kind of fastballs, there is a four seam and a two seam.
Special Pitches
The knuckle ball is a a pitch that has little to no spin. Due to the lack of spin air resistance makes the ball move unpredictably.
Two Seam
The two seam is slightly slower than the four seam and breaks a little. You hold it like this.
Four Seam
When you throw a four seam it will probably go fast and have a minimum amount of movement. This is how you grip it.
Circle Change
The circle change is supposed to go down and break sideways. If you are right handed it will break into a right handed batter. In other words it moves the opposite way of a football change. You are supposed to hold it like this.

Gyro ball
Football Change
The football change drops right before it hits the catcher.
The gyro ball is a modified fastball where instead of being snapped straight down it is given a bullet like spin by throwing it the opposite way of throwing a football. The gyro ball is special because it moves on a completely flat plane. It also give the batter an illusion where the ball seems to rise.
Example of a Curve ball
Example of a Slider

Example of a knuckle
Example of a Gyro ball
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