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02.07 Social Change Part 2

No description

Luisa Lemos

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of 02.07 Social Change Part 2

Social Problem and Solution Interview to Lina Alava
Church Volunteer

3. What duties do you perform to aid the organization?
2.What is the purpose of the organization for which you volunteer?
8.What have you done that you feel has significantly touched the life of another person?
9.For how long have you been volunteering in this organization?
7.What has volunteer work helped you learn about yourself?

6. What challenges are faced by volunteers in your organization?
1. What are your reasons for volunteering?
5.What rewards do you receive from your volunteer work?
10.Do you volunteer in the streets or do you go to rehab centers?
4.Why is such an organization needed in your community?
I like to show my love for others. Also, I get to learn from others. I also want to let people know of God through acts of love.
Share the word of God with the community and help meet some needs for people with necessities.
Before going to the place, I help organize the amount of food. I Look at the amount of people who are going to serve. I take care of the transportation. In the event I be aware that all people in need receive the help equally, for example the food and clothing.
Because there are many people who are experiencing personal needs that require professional help.
The gratitude of the people. The happiness of children and likewise I learn to appreciate the things that God gives me every day.
Some people do not want to receive the word of God and do not want to leave their area of "comfort." Also, despite the help they can receive, many times they do not want to take it.
It helps me to strengthen myself. Also, I have learn to become patient. I prove to my self how compassionate, collaborative and responsive I can be.
That a person is committed and has received God in his life. Now that person is in cessation programs to stop the use of drugs .
For almost two years.
I have volunteer in the streets and also in institutions.
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