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Eating for the Chakras

A presentation that illustrates the interconnection of foods, eating, and aspects of the self

Deanna Minich

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Eating for the Chakras

Eating for the Chakras

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit.

In ancient Indian spiritual traditions, it was acknowledged that the human body has seven main centers (perceived as spinning wheels or centers of high activity) that correspond to neuroendocrine glands.

Each one has a symbolic meaning and a physical connection to nourishment.
The Root Chakra
(Connects to the Adrenal Gland)

Foods to support grounding, structure, instinctual survival, and our physical foundation:

Protein, minerals, insoluble fiber, medicinal mushrooms, red foods, foods that grow deep in the earth, foods for the immune, skeletal, and adrenal systems
The Sacral Chakra
(Connects to the Ovaries/Testes)

Foods to support creativity, emotional expression, cell growth, and our ability to regulate water:

Fats, oils, nuts, fish and foods from the sea, seeds, orange foods, fermented foods, tropical fruits, foods for the reproductive and urinary systems
The Solar Plexus Chakra
(Connects to the Pancreas)

Foods to support transformation, digestion, and energy balance:

Carbohydrate, legumes, yellow foods, soluble fiber, healthy sweeteners, foods for the digestive system, use of spices and "heat" for cooking
The Throat Chakra
(Connects to the Thyroid Gland)

Foods to support harmony, integration, authenticity, and speaking one's truth:

Ethnic foods, sea plants (iodine), foods to support healthy mucous membranes, thyroid function, and throat health; variety in eating; speaking one's truth about one's eating path
The Third Eye Chakra
(Connects to the Pituitary Gland)

Foods to support intuition, insight, intellect, and wisdom:

Foods that influence neurochemistry, cognition, and brain function; Dark chocolate, blue-purple berries, caffeinated beverages, spices; Eating intuitively.
The Crown Chakra
(Connects to the Pineal Gland)

Foods to support clarification, purity, spirituality, and cleansing:

Cleansing foods, fasting, nutritional detoxification practices, prayer, meditation, sunlight, organically grown, non-GMO foods
The Heart Chakra
(Connects to the Heart & Thymus)

Foods to support healing, nurturing, and expansion of one's loving nature:

Leafy green vegetables, phytonutrients, foods for the breast and lymph, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, preparing meals with "love"; sharing, giving, and receiving nourishment with others
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