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Welcome to Our Classroom!

Classroom Expectations and Procedures

Kefi Andersen

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Our Classroom!

Welcome to Our Classroom!
You are a reader and a writer!
And I am your reading and writing teacher!
1. Come on time and prepared (bring required materials, pen, pencil, eraser, notebook, assigned reading, etc.).
2. Follow directions.
3. Show respect toward others, property, and yourself. Don't disturb other students.
5. Do what you know is right.
Classroom Rules
...and Consequences
Breaking rules hurts our community.

Take responsibility.
You each have a right to learn and a responsibility to allow others to learn!

If you don't follow the rules, sometimes you will be given two warnings and then asked to cool down. Sometimes you will be asked to go directly to cool down.
How we do things to maximize LEARNING!
Classroom Procedures

Greet Mrs. Andersen.
Voices off as you enter.
Sit down with sharp pencil and spiral and begin one minute write.
Silence during first few minutes of class.
Entering the classroom:
Materials you need BEFORE the bell:
Ask for one by raising your index finger
I will give you a GOLF PENCIL.
After 3 times, you will get a lunch detention.
If you need a pencil...
Getting Up During Class:
You need permission to leave your seat.
Only one person may be up at a time.
Hold onto your trash until you are given permission to put it in the trash.
Hand Signals:
Allow me to teach
If you need to the restroom...
Hold up a "T"
If it's a good time to go, I'll give you the nod.
You can go to the restroom 3 times a semester.
I'll keep track!
Never during the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class.
Listen to the teacher
Raise your hand.
it up
sk and answer questions
rack the speaker
Getting Your Attention
I will go to the speaker spot in the class.
I will say, "Track me in 3, 2, 1."
You will get quiet and listen to me.

Let's practice...
(No bad language)
when others are talking.
Raise your hand during whole class discussions.
Talk a lot during partner work, but stay on task.
No talking during independent work.
Calling on Students
I will use popsicle sticks to randomly call on students.

If I call on you and you don't know the answer, I will call on another student, the whole class, or answer it myself.

But then,
I will ask you to answer it again!

Saying "I don't know" is not an escape!
If you are tardy three times, you will receive lunch detention.
If you are absent, call a friend to find out what you missed.
When you get back, pick up papers from the Absence Crate
Tardies & Absences
60% = Assessments
30% = Class Work
10% = Homework (AR Reading)
Retaking Tests/Quizzes
Sometimes it takes more than one try to get something right. It's okay!

You may re-take tests and quizzes as many times as you want.

Just ask me. You will need to complete a request form and come in during opportunity time.
Write down assignments in the planner every day before class is over.

Keep your work in your class folder.

AR reading homework is independent, but if you do not meet reading deadlines, you will be asked to come for opportunity time until it is made up.
Late Work
Work needs to be completed in a reasonable amount of time to help you learn.

Hand in late work either before or after class. Don't interrupt class time.

Place it in your period's late bin at the front of the class.
Put away your materials.
Push in your chair and throw away trash or recycling on your way out.
Clean up your area & check under your table.
Wait until
I dismiss
I will say "Pack Up"
Use their experiences to understand the text.
Ask and answer questions.
Use fix-up strategies to help them make meaning.
a purpose
for their reading.
Pre-write to organize their ideas.
Draft their writing into sentences.
Get feedback on their writing and revise it.
Publish and share their writing.
Exiting the Classroom
The bell is not the end of class.

I will dismiss you when we are ready.

Please do not start putting away your things early.
I will ask a question.

THINK about your answer.
When I say, "Turn and talk," share with your partner.

Make eye contact and listen.
I'll call on students to share with the class.

Sometimes you'll
share your answer
, sometimes you will
share your partner's answer
What does it
What does it
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Independent Work
Mrs. Andersen
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