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Past continuous questions; reflexive pronouns

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Justyn Illingworth

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Past continuous questions; reflexive pronouns

Past continuous questions; reflexive pronouns
Past continuous questions
To ask questions using the past continuous, we move the verb to be (WAS/WERE) in front of the subject:

For example:

You WERE DANCING at the moment.
WERE you DANCING at the moment?

She WAS READING a book in the summer.
WAS she READING a book in the summer?
Simple Past
Remember: To ask questions using the simple past, we use the auxiliary DID:

DID you PLAY soccer last night?
DID you DO your homework yesterday?

Reflexive Pronouns
We use a reflexive pronoun when we want to refer back to the subject of a sentence. Reflexive pronouns end in -self (singular) or-selves (plural).
Subject Reflexive Pronouns
I Myself
You Yourself
He Himself
She Herself
We Ourselves
They Themselves

I saw myself in the mirror
Why do you blame yourself?
John sent himself a copy.
Mary sent herself an e-mail.
We blame ourselves.
Can you help yourselves?
They can't look after themselves.
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