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How The Fashion Industry Promotes Unhealthy Body Image

Persuasive Speech

Sidney Chleborad

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of How The Fashion Industry Promotes Unhealthy Body Image

Promotes Unhealthy Weight Goals It affects all ages, races, and gender The fashion Industry targets young girls because teen girls are easily influenced because they want new or more modern looks. Many eating
disorders can be the
result of girls comaring
themselves with
models who have
worked to get into
the shape they are
in. Fredrique Van der wal, a former Victoria's Secret model
says, "This unnatural thinness is a terrible message to
send out. The people watching the fashion shows are
young, impressionable women,'' In USA Today magazine. WORKS CITED The Fashion Industry Promotes Unrealistic Beauty Men and women in the fashion
Industry are made up to perfection
because: That is what they get paid for They spend hours on hair
and makeup and their
wardrobe A regular person can't
be expected to spend
that much time on their
appearance According to Cosmopolitan editor Kate White, "I think women have to protest, and back it up, because sometimes women say they want real girls in stories, but often these stories don't rate well, and if you put a heavy celebrity on the cover, it might not sell as well."
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