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Ramayana-Kids Film

No description

Justin Sech

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Ramayana-Kids Film

Ramayana-Kids Film

Rama's Stay in Kishkinda
Showed that Rama always sought to do the right thing
Helped defeat Sugriva's brother and take back the monkey kingdom for him
Hanuman's Prank
Everyone was willing to help and stand up for Rama
no one doubt

Hanuman easily overpowered the forces in Lanka and escaped
Sita had a hand in keeping him safe when his tail was lit on fire

The Great War

Hanuman's army fought well but wasn't strong enough
reached their lowest point and were resurrected

Rama and Ravana faced off and Rama defeated him
Period After Coronation
Rama tells Sita she may not return with him to Ayodyha

Sita will jump into fire if she was not loyal
fire god appears in front of her letting her know she was faithful
Bharata is about to sacrifice himself after the 14 years was finished
Hanuman brings the good news and all return to Ayodyha
The Forest Life
Ravana's hatred for Rama and his love for Sita was established
By: Justin Sech
The Boyhood of Rama
Works Cited
Life in Ayodyha
Emphasizes Rama's superiority
Lakshmana was always at his side
Rama easily breaks Shiva's bow
Further Understandings
Film presents Ramayana in a visual way
Emphasizes Rama's supremacy and how everyone loves him
Good for younger learners to get a better understanding of The Ramayana
"The Ramayana: A Telling of
the Ancient Indian Epic." Maxwell. n.p. n.d. Web. 6 Oct. 2013.
"Ramayana-Kids Film In
English." YouTube. Rajshri Kids. 31 Jul. 2012. Web video. 6 Oct. 2013
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
Bharata was made king because of mother
Rama accepted this and didn't refuse
Bharata wanted Rama to be king
Knew Rama was rightful king
Ravana could only imagine taking revenge in Rama
his brothers tried to stop him from starting a war and warned him of Rama's power
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
("Ramayana-Kids Film In English")
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