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No description

Jake Scaduto

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Yankees

NEW YORK YANKEES Highest Payroll In Major League Baseball The New York Yankees will give out over 206 million dollars to their
players during the 2010 MLB season. the Yankees' average salary per player is over 8.2 million dollars a year, with 4 players making 20 million dollars or more. After a hard year economically, the Yankees payroll increased by 2% going into the 2010 sesaon, leaving their payroll over 43 million dollars higher than the next team (Boston Red Sox). Also, the Yankees' annual payroll is more than 171 million dollars more than the last team on the MLB payroll rankings, the Pittsburgh Pirates. What's Major League Baseballs stance? Salary Cap: A salary cap is a limit on spending set by the particular sports league in order to keep players' salaries from reaching too high of a point. The MLB is the only major American sport that does not have a salary cap implemented. This is what is allowing teams such as the Yankees to spend wild amounts of money on players every year. All of the 25 active players on the Yankees' 2010 roster will earn more this year than Barak Obama. MY PROPOSAL Implement a salary cap in the MLB, and allow teams such as the Pittsburgh Pirates to have a realistic chance to contend every season. Limit teams to a maximum payroll of 150 million dollars, which still allows teams like the Yankees to spend a great amount of money, but it does not give them the chance to exceed this number. This results in the annual rise of ticket, food, and merchandising prices for every team. This new policy can be easily placed into the MLB.
All we as fans need to do is speak out on the matter
enough so that our voices are heard by MLB commissioner Bud Selig. If we don't act, how high will
teams be allowed to pay players?
50 million? 60 million? Is this necessary for
a person playing a children's game? Works Cited
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