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How Does Fame Negatively Impact Celebrities?

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Sarah B

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of How Does Fame Negatively Impact Celebrities?

Zac Efron
Justin Bieber
While fame may seem like an extraordinary touch to any lifestyle, fame lugs along numerous mental, physical, and emotional effects.
Fame has always been something to strive for by many Americans, but the obsession with wanting to be famous is starting to get out of hand to where a Harvard study displayed that teenagers value fame over all other attributes in their life including intelligence and wealth (Choi, Berger, and Ju).
As teens values are shifting and their worlds are revolving around capturing fame, numerous harmful effects arise.
Justin Bieber
Being a celebrity in the center of all of the attention causes fame to take toll of your life, but this occurs in a gradual process that consists of four phases. In the first phase, the celebrity developes a love/hate relationship with fame. Following this love/hate relationship an addiction is created with fame. The next stage in this process involves mistrust, relationships crumbling to pieces, and even family bonds being broken. Fame begins to control almost every aspect of the celebrity's life. Finally, celebrities become adapted to fame where they believe that certain rules do not apply to them and that they are greater than and above the average person (Rockwell).
Fame and Celebrities
Today's culture has created fame into an almost unavoidable phenomenon. Fame can lead to the deterioration of oneself and have everlasting effects. The concept of being famous and being a celebrity are two entirely different things. Fame is more materialistic and the idea of a celebrity has more to do with the media. There are celebrities around the world that have to go through this emotionally draining process, and one in particular is Zac Efron.
Justin Bieber
With fame comes several consequences believe it or not. There are numerous prices you have to pay with fame, and one of the greatest costs is being highly self aware (Smalley and Mcintosh). Along with high self awareness, celebrities constantly struggle with altered rationality from fame, the inability to handle the pressure loaded on them, and competition pushing celebrities to extreme limits ("Good News Christian News"). Each one of these destructive effects that fame penetrates often times leads to drinking, drug use, or agressive or unusual behavior as an escape route from celebrities problems (Smalley and Mcintosh).
Slowly but surely we are starting to see fame take toll of Biebers life as he was recently accused of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license. He was also arrested in Miami for drag racing but was later proven innocent. This all came slightly before he turned himself in for assault in Canada (Dockterman). Bieber isn't the only one to blame for his issues while many think he parents contributed to the act. Bieber was discovered incredibly young at the age of 13, leaving him with a weak foundation from his parents. Bieber practically became his own parent at the age of 13 due to all of his travels ("Why Some Childhood Stars Implode?"). To make matters worse, Biebers father was caught partying and smoking pot with Bieber himself ("Exclusive Inside Story On Justin's Plane"). Justin Bieber is a prime example of how fame is a huge impact on the deterioration of ones character and can change someone for the worst within the blink of an eye.
How Does Fame Negatively Impact Celebrities?

By: Jourdan Fralin, Savanna Lins, Madelyn Meitin, Zahrah Khan, & Sarah Brown

Justin Bieber
The Beginning for Zac Efron
Efron's reliance on escapism had become considerably worse when he failed to have the same success in High school Musical compared to other Disney actors. Efron never showed his addictive personality to the public nor would ever act out of control. This is why it was so shocking to the tabloids to see the actor acting out. Efron had reported to be seen at parties drunk, high, and to have not had any sleep in days. The continuous partying took a toll on Efron, so he started taking Adderall pills to perk him up during filming and in press conferences. ("REVEALED: How out of Control Zac Efron 'snorted Cocaine, Dabbled with MDMA and Partied for up to Four Days at Time without Sleeping'").
Rehab for Efron?
During the filming of his movie, The Paperboy, the actor and a group of friends had a cocaine filled party at the MGM in Las Vegas. The actor cost fifty thousand dollars’ worth of damage to their party filled hotel room in Vegas (Dennis). Efron relapsed for the second time on cocaine in April. During the filming of his new hit movie “The Neighbours,” Efron missed several days of filming of the movie ("Join Academia.edu & Share Your Research with the World"). Efron was loosing control of his life quickly and the only saving grace he had was to go to a treatment facility.
After months in the care center, Efron is said to have overcome his cocaine addiction. Efron claims to be “sober and happier than ever.” The star is now taking time to focus on his career as not only a movie actor but as a role model for people of all ages (Dennis). It is just a matter of time before our society drives too many stars over the edge, as seen with Zac Efron. As long as our culture keeps demanding for more from the celebrities, the more physiological and physical effects our stars are going to have.
The Aftermath of Efron
Stardom Began
Britney Spears fame came about when she starred on the TV show "The All New Mickey Mouse Club House", at age 11. Not long after Britney released her first song "Baby One More Time", in January 1999 ("David"). This young talented star, was the next idol everyone was crazy about. But In a blink of an eye everything started to crumble right before her eyes.
At a very young age, Amy Winehouse strived to be a singer. Her voice stood out from many other kids her age, and her parents immediately noticed her talent ("Posts"). She grew up with many different music influences, and at the age of twenty, was eventually noticed by a music producer. Her undeniable talent and incredible singing made her very popular in England and The United States. However, her sudden fame came with many repercussions (Schultz).
Amy Winehouse's Rise to Fame
Though fame may be percieved as something glamorous, the negative effects of fame are much more evident than the positive ones. In many cases, fame is exciting at first, but can quickly ruin someone's life if it's not handled right. Fame can lead a person to isolation, drugs, alcohol, and family problems. ("Victims")
Impact of Fame
Though Amy Winehouse's voice stood out from any other musician from her generation, her self destructive behaviors, unfortunately, caused her talent to be overshadowed. She was constantly catching the media's attention because of her alcohol and substance abuse, her parents with questionable actions, and a codependent husband in jail. The pressure of the media, paparazzi, and the public eye pushed Winehouse even deeper into abuse and she suddenly became more invested in partying and drugs than her own career. This downhill eventually ended Amy's life in 2011. Though she led a very complicated life, many people said that she always had a bright personality and knew just how to make someone's day despite the troubles she faced in her life. Her music continues to be popular and influential in today's music culture.
Amy Winehouse's Downfall
Though fame may look like the solution to all your problems, it's easy to get lost in it and turn you into someone you wouldn't be if you led a normal lifestyle (Goins). Fame can be lethal if you aren't careful with all your actions and don't surround yourself with people who aren't just using you for your fame, money, power, and success. Fame can cause any person to lose insight of what's really important in life and become engulfed in the hunger for attention, money, and power. You have a lack of privacy, your family space is violated, and cause anxiety and isolation to form. Amy Winehouse is a prime example of what fame can do to a person if not handled the right way.
Negative Effects of Fame
Lindsay Lohan

Start of Lohans Downfall
You might remember Lindsay Lohan from playing in some of your favorite Childhood movies like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, or Herbie; Fully Loaded. However, now you might see her on headlines about her drug and alcohol addictions and many DUI’s caused by her family problems, stress of work, and pressure of the media and paparazzi. Being a celebrity in our society can really push you over the edge. You would think having all of this fame and fortune would be glamorous and easy but dealing with all of it is hard. It can drive people away from all of the great relationships they have with their family, friends, and maybe even their own children. Lohan had a pretty normal and supportive family when she was a child, but as she started to grow up, things got worse. She definitely suffers emotional difficulties due to her families’ problems with the law. ("Lindsay Lohan Biography"). A lot of stuff went on with my family when I was young and I grew up in a very chaotic home and then there were moments of everything being wonderful and perfect and then things being so uncontrollable and chaotic that—it's something people go through and unfortunately I waited too long to face it," Lohan says as she talks about her family issues.
Lohans Rebuilding
Varieties of people in Hollywood do drugs and drink, in this setting, that becomes normal and there is pressure to follow the habits of the crowd in order to fit in, just like high school (Siegler, Mara). In March 29 of 2013, Lindsay’s felony probation ended, although Lohan still continued to be on a non-formal probation for a solid two more years because of her January 22, 2011 shoplifting conviction (Duke, Alan). In order to be successful again, Lindsay made a plan for herself that would help her get back onto her feet. First she wanted to get out of rehab, and stay away from a certain 80 friends due to past troubles with them; she wanted to do everything she could to stay away from the media (Sneed, Tierney). "She really wants to get back to living a normal life and not being around negative people,” (“US Weekly source said of Lohan.”). Even though being “normal” is the hardest thing to do when you’re famous because of the paparazzi crawling down your back, Lindsay Lohan has tried the best she could to have a normal and happy life, and she is now back on her feet.

On May 26, 2007 Lindsay was arrested because of a drunken driving charge once she lost control of her Mercedes-Benz convertible and hit a curb in Beverly Hills, California (Duke, Alan). She says that in some way, she wanted to be put in jail. "I think it was just to find some peace and just have no choice but to just sit and be," she says ("Lindsay Lohan Admits to Addictions, Opens up about Childhood."). There was so much chaos going around Lindsay, she said that she started drinking alcohol instead of cocaine; it helped her get away from everything ("Lindsay Lohan Admits to Addictions, Opens up about Childhood”).
Britney soon met Justin Timberlake, and fell head over heals for him in a matter of seconds. Her and Justin's romantic relationship soon ended, and emotionally devastated Britney. Soon after their breakup Britney became dramatically depressed, and winded her up in rehab after many occasions of drug use and drinking to much alcohol. Relationship heartbreak was the least of her worries. Britney was mentally and physically ill, and began to be concerned more about her appearance. Starving herself for days on end and hoping she would see a difference in her figure. She was convinced into surgically fixing her appearance.
Is her Life Turning Around?

Britney then met another man and tied the knot, eventually ending up with two kids of her own. Her relationship once again fell apart and divorced Kevin, trying to still have custody of her children. Media was raving about their family issues, which brought even more stress on the poor young mom. Britney became very depressed relapsing her drug addiction once again. This time she ended up shaving her head, and apparently told the judges in court that she did this thinking it would cover up her cocaine and drug use over the years of abuse ("David"). Britney was down in a very dark hole and couldn't seem to find a way out. Fame took a turn for the worst for Britney and effected her life in many negative ways, only in the matter of a couple of years of being under the spotlight.
Britney Spears
Britney's Career took her through many obticales and effected her life in many negative ways. Becoming famous at such a young age mentally and emtionally changed Britney forever. Over her life span she was been in very bad conditions with her health and has become very well known through the public eye. Her rough patches in her career have not only made her a different person but as if branded her with an image she can never take back. Not only has fame effected Britney but her self image as a human being, and the opinions of the public and media. Britney will never be able to change the rough decisions she chose during her career and has to live with that the rest of her life.
Fame's Downfalls
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