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Let It Snow: Three Holiday Short Story Romances in One Novel

Daria Shulga

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of LET IT SNOW

The Jubilee Express:
Author's Writing Style
The Jubilee Express:
John Green:
By John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Background Info. On Author(s)
The Jubilee Express (Maureen Johnson):

John Green:
The Jubilee Express tells through the point of view of a teenager named Jubilee. The introduction of the story takes place on the day before Christmas and Jubilee is introduced and her boyfriend Noah. Noah is the picture-perfect boyfriend who is the total package - "athlete, academic, school-government bigwig" (p.3) and with those labels on him, he happens to be extremely busy so Jubilee and Noah were going to spend Christmas Eve together. In the rising action, Jubilee's parents get arrested and her parents plan for Jubilee to spend her Christmas in Florida with her grandparents. Jubilee has to cancel the plans with Noah, but he didn't seem to care, and head off in a train to Florida. In the climax, Jubilee's train gets stuck in the massive snowstorm and has to spend her night in this strange town and ends up in a Wafflehouse stuck with a bunch of hyper cheerleaders. She meets this guy, Stuart, and he seems nice enough of a guy and Jubilee spends her Christmas at his house. In the falling action, Jubilee talks about Noah and Stuart shares his story with a previous breakup and how his girlfriend acted a lot like Noah. Stuart told how his girlfriend seemed perfect in every way but then she cheated on him. In the resolution, Jubilee breaks up with Noah and Noah was perfectly okay with it while Jubilee was distressed. Jubilee ends up kissing Stuart and he didn't react the way she wanted him to. So Jubilee heads out of the house and Stuart runs after her and kisses her. In the end, both of them walk back to his house.
Green, John, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances. New York: Speak, 2008. Print.
Green wrote Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars, and An Abundance of Katherines. Green has won awards with his writing like the 2009 Edgar Award and his books have been published in many languages; he went to Indian Springs School then to Kenyon College.
John Green’s Biography, John Green RSS, October 20, 2014: http://johngreenbooks.com/bio-contact/
Maureen Johnson:
Maureen Johnson Books » About, For Your Convenience, December 13, 2014: http://www.maureenjohnsonbooks.com/about/
Johnson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and went to college in Colombia University. Johnson wrote other books like The Key to the Golden Firebird, The Envelopes, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Girl At Sea, and lots more. She's was also a scriptwriter for the Harry Potter movie series.
Lauren Myracle:
- Lauren Myracle, About, December 13, 2014: http://www.laurenmyracle.com/about
Lauren Myracle was born in Brevard, North Carolina and went to college at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and got a BA in English and Psychology. Myracle wrote other books like ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r. Myracle was once a middle school teacher in Georgia.
Maureen Johnson:
Character vs. Character is very common in The Jubilee Express. But my favorite character vs. character moment was with Jubilee and Stuart. Jubilee and Stuart were arguing about cheerleaders. Jubilee thought it was stupid how cheerleaders are in the side lines in short skirts getting picked for their looks while on the other hand Stuart thought that Jubilee shouldn't judge people based on what they look like and they could be doing charity work on the side lines. "'I don't know,' he said tauntingly. 'Judging groups of people you don't know, making assumptions, talking about their looks... it sounds like prejudice, but -'" (p.52).
The theme of The Jubilee Express is that even when things go down hill; love will always be there. Jubilee went through some bad times during Christmas- like her parents got arrested, she had to cancel her plans with her (ex-)boyfriend, and then get put onto a train with no one else on the way to Florida. While all those were happening; she realized that Noah isn't her real love and breaks up with him and yet the theme is still love conquers all. Once Jubilee found Stuart the two automatically fell in love in spite of the situation she was in - she felt great and happy being around him. "'Plus, you just told him you fell into a frozen creek and you were trapped in a strange town. And he hung up? I'd do something.'" (p.96)
Let It Snow includes three short stories in the book.
A Cheertastic Miracle (John Green):
A Cheertastic Miracle is followed in the point of view of Tobin. In the introduction him and his friends ("the Duke" (Angie) and JP) are introduced and are sitting at Tobin's house watching James Bond movies when he gets a call from his mom saying that they will be stuck in Boston for the night because of the snow storm and that they will miss Christmas with Tobin. Tobin's mother feels so bad while on the other hand Tobin is perfectly fine with it. In the rising action, Tobin gets a call from his friend that he wants him to come over to the Wafflehouse right now and to bring Twister for the cheerleaders. Tobin obliges and as well in the rising action they get into the car to drive with some obstacles in the way. The climax, would be when the car got stuck in the snow bank and looses a wheel and the competition that was trying to beat Tobin to the Wafflehouse found him and chased Tobin and his friends. In the falling action, Tobin, the Duke, and JP race against the competition to see who will win on bringing the Twister and Tobin's team wins. During the resolution, Tobin notices after a few minutes that the Duke is no longer at the Wafflehouse and is outside. Tobin goes outside to check up on her and notices that she is crying. The Duke explains that she was jealous that Tobin was talking to the cheerleaders and saying what she doesn't have that they do and Tobin realizes that the Duke has a crush on him. Lastly, Tobin confesses his feelings about the Duke and they both kiss.
The Patron Saint of Pigs (Lauren Myracle):
The Patron Saint of Pigs follows the point of view of Addie who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Jeb, during a cheating scandal. The introduction tells about Addie and Jeb's relationship and how things were going fine at first but turned rocky. After a small fight, the two went to a party and Addie became drunk and kissed another guy and then went to Jeb's apartment later and confessed and Addie told that the relationship is over because she thought that's what Jeb wanted. In the rising action, Jeb goes on a train to meet his family and Addie sends an email telling how to meet her at Starbucks for that they can talk things through. Jeb doesn't arrive the following day leaving a heartbroken Addie, in spite of her heartbroken feeling - she cuts most of her hair and dyes it pink. Addie calls her friends to comfort her and her friends come over as she tells the story and Tegan tells that she is self-absorbed and after they made up on that small fight; Tegan asks for Addie to pick up her teacup pig from Petco when she's on a break during work. In the climax, after six hours of Addie's shift from Starbucks, she gets a call from Tegan and Tegan says that she will arrive shortly to pick up the pig. Addie completely forgot and said to Tegan that she will get her teacup pig. In the falling action, Addie rushes to Petco to see that the teacup pig isn't there and starts to panic and finds a way to get the receipt of the person who took the teacup pig. The guy that Addie kissed earlier described to help Addie and take her to the owner's house of the teacup pig and Addie finds out that it was one of her regular customers at Starbucks. Addie goes in there while the guy drives off and the owner said the point of it all was to teach Addie a lesson and gives back the pig. In the resolution, Addie is back at Starbucks and gives the pig to Tegan as a familiar guy walks through the doors. Addie looks more closely and notices it's Jeb and he comes walking towards Addie and says "I want you" referring to Addie's email telling: If you want me. Just let me know. In the end, Jeb kisses her and everything is solved.
John Green is more formal when it comes to his writing. He tells the story in the point of view of a very smart teenager which he often does for most of his writing. In this particular story, he made the friends smart as well and everyone around them spoke with such a formal and smart tone throughout the story. Green also makes the story very detailed as if the smallest details will become the biggest further out through the story.
A Cheertastic Miracle:
In A Cheertastic Miracle, conflicts between two groups of people are mentioned, which would be character vs. character. The conflict is between Tobin, JP, and Angie "the Duke" vs. the twins known as Timmy and Tommy. The whole conflict begins when they are both competing each other to see who brings the Twister first to the Wafflehouse to hang out there and get free food. When Tobin's mom's car gets stuck in the snow bank, the twins' car comes in to view and they say some rude stuff to Tobin, JP, and Angie. Later on, the twins' chase the group and JP makes a trip wire so that they would fall once he is in the lead. They do and the twins give up after that and head back into their car. "I was even with the hood when Tommy said, 'Y'know what? I got room in the back for two losers.' And then louder, so JP and the Duke could hear him as they approached, he said, "But I don't got room for two losers and a s**t." (p.166).
Daria Shulga
The Patron Saint of Pigs:
The Patron Saint of Pigs includes character vs. character conflicts as well as character vs. self conflicts; but I feel as the character vs. self conflicts are more important. After what Dorrie said about Addie being self absorbed; Addie starts to believe that what Dorrie is saying is true and starts getting self doubt about herself and almost is insecure about the situation. Addie is first upset at what Dorrie says and feels that insecurity about her self but throughout the story; the character change of Addie is changed from being self absorbed to very kind heart-ed and caring about others. "It didn't escape me that neither of them (Dorrie and Tegan) denied the 'self-absorbed' bit." (p.256).
Maureen Johnson's writing style seems to be very detailed but yet simple. How Johnson shows this is by describing how the characters' actions and how they present themselves. But yet, she keeps the writing very simple by not over detailing what the room looks like or what the character is wearing so on so forth. Johnson and Green have totally different styles which makes this book more interesting.
Lauren Myracle:
Relation to Character / Story Line
Lauren Myracle's writing style is very relatable in sort of the teen way. This means that Myracle writes the story in the average teen voice and how they would react to the situation. She makes it as if you are reading the average teen girl's mind and how they feel and react. For example on how she wrote how Addie is so shocked that her friends are calling her self absorbed and how she denies them at first and how the normal teen girl would do that too.
A Cheertastic Miracle:
In A Cheertastic Miracle the theme is when something is unexpectedly thrown at you - you have to take it and do it. The story talks about how many different spontaneous adventures happened and all of them decided to take it and not complain. Another theme for this could be - when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade because many different obstacles were thrown at the group but they took it and made it into a successful night. For example, when they were driving up the hill that wasn't plowed - they were struggling to get up. They tried once but they just went back down and this time they used more acceleration to the hill and made it up. If they haven't done this then they wouldn't have succeed like it did. "'I don't think it's oh so hard to walk four miles in the snow. I want that. I love that. When we were at your house watching the movie, I wanted it to snow more. More and more! It makes it more interesting.'" (p.208)
The Patron Saint of Pigs:
In the Patron Saint of Pigs, Addie learns the theme of: "thinking about others leads onto great things". In the begging of the short story, it is said that Addie is self absorbed and only thinks of others, as said by her best friends. Addie talks only about herself in the beginning of the book and how her break up is affecting her and Addie tends to not listen to others but her character peronality changes later on. Addie goes through the finding of her friend's pig to learn that thinking about others is not such a bad thing. And once she learns that, she finds the pig and Jeb comes back to her. "Big shift, like an avalanche, and I could no longer resist it. The feeling inside me was so big, and I was so small.... So I let go." (p.337)
How a person relates to the character of a story is very important and makes the story more entertaining. Lucky for me, I could relate to some parts of Let It Snow very easily. I relate to the part in the last short story, The Patron Saint of Pigs, when Addie kissed Charlie while she was dating Jeb and how she felt guilty as soon as she has done that and confessed to Jeb about it. Similar things have happened to me but not as major as cheating but I have done things which I regretted immediately after. Once, I texted something that frustrated me about my friend to another which lead onto her finding out and us getting into a fight. I remember how guilty I felt as soon as I did that and I wish I hadn't have done that. Another time, is when I ruined a piece of furniture in my house and I felt extremely bad as soon as I did it. When my mom came home, I told her immediately which made me feel slightly better and was ready to accept the punishment and I didn't really have once since I told her right away and it was an accident. Let It Snow contains many relatable experiences about love which I have yet to experiences like heartbreak, loving a friend, etc.
Let It Snow:
John Green:
Lauren Myracle:
Maureen Johnson:
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