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Medical School

No description

Kristin Fung

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Medical School

Medical School

How do you apply to Medical School?
Common Pitfalls
Additional Information
Personal Statement
Non-profit, central application services
Efficient collection, verification & processing of data, grades, MCAT scores
Online Application
Audit for errors and omissions
Complete, certify, and submit online
Forward Official transcripts

AMCAS ~ Allopathic medicine


AACOMAS ~ Osteopathic medicine

Application Dates
Fees and Process
Application Deadlines
Completed application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET of the deadline date
All required official transcripts must be received by AMCAS within 14 calendar days of the application deadline date
EDP deadline for application and transcripts is August 1
AMCAS does not grant deadline extensions
Visit www.aamc.org/amcasdeadlines

Application Fees
$160 processing fee (includes one school)
$35 for each additional school
Fees subject to change

Requires extraordinary credentials
Apply to only one medical school at first
Apply by August 1st
Secure an acceptance by Oct. 1st
If rejected, sufficient time to apply to other schools (This does make your other applications a bit late…)

Early Decision Program
Fee Assistance Program

Fee Assistance Program
Assists individuals with extreme financial limitations
Based on federal poverty guidelines
Reduces MCAT fee from $270 to $100
Complimentary access to MSAR On-Line and book
Receive a free copy of the Official Guide to the MCAT
Provides 14 free medical school designations for AMCAS (about a $600 savings)
Funded by AAMC
Applicants apply online and receive timely decision

Provide individual and parental financial data (i.e. tax forms, any financial aid forms, any other means of support)

Applying to 20 Schools?
$160 first school
$665 for the other 19 makes
$825 total
Overall Cost
AMCAS –25 schools $1,035.00
25 Secondaries @ $75 each $1,875.00
Letters of Rec. $75.00
MCAT cost $270.00
5 interviews trips $2000.00
MCAT Review Course $1,600.00
TOTAL $6,855.00

Not following the instructions
Missed application deadline
Delayed processing/missed transcript deadlines
Late shipping
Incomplete or inaccurate
Typos and other errors in essay, experiences, etc.
Failure to receive and respond to AMCAS notifications
Course Work Errors
Missing course work
Missing grades / credits
Incorrect academic status
Incorrect course classifications
Application Contents
AMCAS Main Menu

1. Identifying Information
2. Schools Attended
3. Biographical Information
4. Course Work
5. Work/Activities
6. Letters of Evaluation
7. Medical Schools
8. Personal Comments Essay
9. Standardized Tests

Grade Point Averages
BCPM (science)
All Others (non-science)
Total (cumulative GPA)
Inclusive of all attended institutions

Social Media
AMCAS has a You Tube channel assisting student with the application process


Some Examples:
How to Enter Current/Future Course Work
How to Match a Letter to Your Application

Multiple Accept Data
Medical schools cannot view the number or names of other schools that an applicant has applied to
Medical schools have access to:
Multiple Accept Data (February 10)
This report allows medical schools to see other schools to which an applicant they have accepted is also currently holding an acceptance decision

The National Acceptance Report (April 1)
This report lists all applicants with a current Acceptance or Matriculated action

Secondary Applications
Supplemental materials
Institution’s application fee
Additional essays
Letters of recommendation
Although AMCAS may have the letters, they still do not want them until the secondary stage. Request that I send them to AMCAS or the schools at that time
Updated transcripts or MCAT scores
Statement of legal residency
The Reality .........

Work / Activities
Applicants may now indicate repeated activities
Applicants can enter up to four separate date ranges
Applicants can enter future end dates up to the start of the matriculation year (up to August 2014)
Applicants will specify the total hours spent on this activity for each date range
Work/Activities entries will be shown in the order they are entered by the applicant within the online application, but are still sorted by each medical’s preference during application review

To assess the candidates written communication skills
How do you relate to others: articulate your experiences in a 1 page, 5300 character statement

To get a sense of the interpersonal career development and experiences of the student
Demonstrate your level of interest and commitment
Show you are making a well-informed decision
Show enthusiasm for your own potential
Opportunity to distinguish yourself and provide insight

To determine if the student has, within the resources available to him/her, done enough work to validate that they have what it takes cognitively and emotionally to pursue and be successful in their chosen profession

Follow all directions, make sure you answer question
Include information not found in application
No typos - grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected to be PERFECT
Concise – strive for depth
Clear – avoid gimmicks
Interesting – grab attention
Relevant collegiate information and examples
Illustrate strengths through facts – requires analysis
Share insights and relate importance
To be unique you must be specific

An Integral Component
AAMC Recommends a Holistic Approach…In its Handbook for Admissions Officers, the AAMC clearly states that Admission Committees have a responsibility to “Create the process that identifies applicants whose personal characteristics, level of educational achievement, and professional and career goals conform to those of the institution and who are most likely to contribute to and benefit from the school’s learning climate.”

Where to Begin
What do you want the school to know about you – decide what is distinctive – what are you passionate about?
Who am I? Make a list and provide evidence

Unique qualities, characteristics, skills, strongest unwavering trait
Relevant experiences, major influences, mentors, goals for future
Discuss growth and change

Identify 2 to 3 topics/examples of importance – Communicate your commitment to and describe how specific experiences developed and confirmed your choice of professions
Start writing – be prepared to rewrite and edit – every word counts
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