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Blogging Business Plan

No description

Mildred Núñez T.

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Blogging Business Plan

Bloggers “like” Facebook: Over 90% of bloggers use Facebook and at least 65% of non-corporate professional bloggers have a Facebook page for their blog.

Twitter is very important for bloggers: Over 80% of bloggers use Twitter and all professional bloggers have at least 1000 followers.

The primary way bloggers use Facebook is to promote their blog, but a significant 61% of entrepreneurs also use Facebook to market their business.
As I mentioned, the Blog is an integral part of a powerful of tree, where Facebook and Twitter complete a potential winning team for successful personal or corporate online image. My own approach is not only very simple, but also very important. It asks you two questions: Let's start blogging? Stay home, set your own hours and write about your passion -- whether it be design, photo, cooking, decorating, parenting, fitness or just everyday life. But what's Blogging? Blogging, a trendy way of expression that first appeared in the 1990's. It was about some geeks sharing their interests and thoughts with their fellow geeks on the cyberspace. Initially designed as a web journal with personal stories, thoughts and events were logged into,

A Blog is a compression, a kind of suitcase for "weB Log", That later design a buzz for creating content. Which now became into a lucrative business.

Like many other social media tools, blogs have seen a steady increase in numbers and influence over the last several years,

But what else do we know about the Blogosphere? Business Idea!
My needs:

Be able to combine my knowledge and experience in Photography, Design and Marketing.
Bring it with me wherever I go.
Gives me time to be a housewife, mother and working woman.
Earn money.
$$ The big Picture Blogging as a Bisness Copyright © 2012 Mildred Núñez All rights reserved Be simple, live dashin! The Blogosphere is growing at rapid pace. Blogging these days is not just about sharing content, Its about analytic, trends, social networking traffic, revenues and much more.

Technorati Media an integrated online media company with an advertising network, a social rich media technology platform in the "State of the Blogosphere 2011 report", tracked until July 2011 "164 million blogs" all around the world,
NM Incite, (a Nielsen/McKinsey company) in 2012 tracked over 181 million blogs around the world, up from 36 million only five years earlier in 2006.

It’s no surprise that the growing number of blogs mirrors a growth in bloggers. Overall, 6.7 million people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12 million write blogs using their social networks. Blog writers? The Blogosphere! Hobbyist: Someone who blogs for fun and does not report any income from blogging (this represents 60% of the study).

Professional Part-time: These people typically blog to supplement their income and blog about personal musings or technology (approximately 9% of respondents).

Professional Full-time:These individuals make their living by blogging, but typically work freelance (approximately 9% of respondents).

Corporate: Corporate bloggers blog full-time as part of their job or are contracted to blog full-time for a company (8% of respondents).

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs blog for a company or organization they own (13% of respondents). Bloggers type Bloggers are earning money through their blogs Interesting Facts about Bloggers People write blogs as a way to express themselves and their knowledge or expertise. People read blogs as a source of information or because they find the writer interesting.

Blogs are extremely useful, both to the writer and the reader. The writer may have a lot of knowledge to share, and the reader may want an informal way to learn about a topic. Some people use blogs to find other people with similar problems, issues or situations. Blogs can be anonymous, which helps a lot of people share information without being known.

Some people like to state their feelings.

The biggest category of bloggers, hobbyists, told Technorati they blog chiefly "for fun" and their measure of success is the "personal satisfaction" they derive from doing it.

Why People Blog?

For pleasure and fun
To promote their own business
To make money from the blog
For my job
I get paid by blog Blog and Social Media
60% of bloggers are male.

30% of bloggers are of age group 25-34 years, followed by 27% from age group 35-44 years.

Should be noted that one out of three bloggers are women. Although women are rare among this ranks bloggers, recent research shows women make up the majority of bloggers in 2012. Bloggers come from all over the world and span the age range but:

49% of Bloggers are from USA, followed by 29% from Europe and then 12% from Asia Pacific.

66% use English as blogging language

28% of bloggers are blogging from 4-6 years, followed by 21% bloggers blogging from more than 6 years. Combining these variant, we could see the big picture of Professional Full Timers bloggers, as slightly older and likely of a actual life circumstances, phenomenon that is observed worldwide, such as having another income due to marriage, or being currently a stay-at-home parent (since now a days became trendy), allow them time to pursue professional routes such as blogging.

Therefore is the main reason that women make up the majority of bloggers in 2012. About 1 in 3 bloggers are Moms, and 52% of bloggers are parents with kids under 18 years-old in their household.

Also Bloggers are well-educated: 7 out of 10 bloggers have gone to college, a majority of whom are graduates. While they are not more educated than other bloggers, but it is interesting to see that they are still relatively highly educated compared to the general population and therefore more likely to have expertise in specialized topics which their blogs give them an opportunity to leverage.

Bloggers are active across social media: they’re twice as likely to post/comment on consumer-generated video sites like YouTube, and nearly three times more likely to post in Message Boards/Forums within the last month Several user -friendly blogging rigs have been created, such as mainstream WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and many others.

But just WORDPRESS in 2012, the most prolific blogging platform and tool:
Holds 42,000,000 blogs
Generate 500,000 posts daily and 400,000 comments per day.

This means that blogs are viewed by 329,000,000 people, which also view 25 Billion pages a month. While only 11% of bloggers earn a salary through blogging, bloggers are increasingly finding ways to earn money through advertising and brand partnerships.
More than two thirds of these, make just enough to sustain their lifestyle by blogging 4-6 hours a day. Nowadays Blogs are used mainly to disseminate thoughts on Leadership and Expertise. They are also considered as the spearhead of Social Media Strategies for more than one company who wishes to have a solid presence on the Web. Blogs in 2012 have greatly influenced the Search Industry (Google, Bing, Yahoo mainly), which more and more relies much on Unique Content Creation.

The the most effective social tools for driving traffic are Facebook and Twitter, with LinkedIin being a distant third. Blogging Primary Income More and more bloggers are finding blogging as medium profitable activity. Whether it be to earn a few extra money per week just to feed their coffee habit, or making enough money to stop them having a part time job. Supposing they have got to the point where they are able to make a full time living from their blogging. Out there are tens of thousands of bloggers who make money blogging. there are an even greater number of bloggers that don't make that much or any at all. Blogging takes time and effort which many aren't prepared for when they try to profit from blogging.

Blog writers frequently use either affiliate programs or advertising for their revenue. The major trend in blog writing is to ad Google AdSense code to your blog where you get paid for every click on an advertisement. Demographics Profile Blogging Topics Blogging sounds like every woman's dream job!
In the other hand Visual content has become one of the most desirable types of content -- because it's so darn easy to consume. But it's not enough to just create beautiful, funny, engaging visual content ... marketers are now wondering where the best place to promote that visual content is. It’s true that if you blog about something that you have a passion for, you’ll probably find it easier to write posts and establish your authority within that space. Finding my niche blog?

That’s it. Not only will these two questions help you narrow the focus on what you want to be blogging about, but they’ll also put you in the perfect position later when you pursue earning an income from your efforts. What do you love? How do you want to help people? On line Personal Shopper Blogs are the first stone in a Social Media Strategy. It is by far the most prolific point where ideas take birth, where sharing initiates. Linking the Blog to Social Media is just natural and the most intelligent thing to do. In fact Social Media has been Blogging’s second wind thanks to exhaustive bookmarking, sharing and automated pinging innovative possibilities, Now Pinterest!

Bloggers get their inspiration and insights from social media. "It is true that if you blog about something that you have a passion for, you will probably find it easier to write posts and establish your authority within that topic".

"The Shop Window Dresser" is a very new project will be all about Fashion, style and Photography.
Fashionistas, Fashion Designer, other bloggers or fashion photographer could find interesting content, products, new releases, Fashion shows and Runaways. Establishing and developing thought leadership and engage with our readers TSWD, giving them an extra value, make us different as other blogs. We also want to offer brands or Fashion designers the possibility to use "The Shop Window Dresser" a new online "Shop Window" an other way of online merchandising.

Moreover I also will use this Platform to show my readers my owns designs and creation and little by little create a personal brand. The Shop Window Dresser And this is how this
project begins... So, who are blog writers and
what else do they do online?
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