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Commonly Misused Words

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Kyra Cockwell

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Commonly Misused Words

Commonly Misused Words
There, Their & They're
In or at that place

Belonging to them

(= They are)
Further: at a greater distance (figuratively)
"Do not push me further on that issue!"

Farther: at a greater distance (physically)
"Can we go a little farther? I'm sure the Burger King is on the next block."
Emigrate vs. Immigrate
Immigrate: to come from another country and settle
"I immigrated to Canada in 2008."

Emigrate: to leave one's own country and settle in another.
"His parents emigrated from Syria, due to violence in the country."
Accept vs. Except
Accept: to take or receive; to agree
"I'm accepting the Academy Award for Best Actress this evening."

Except: but; excluding
"I'll take all the toppings, except for anchovies."
Principle vs. Principal
Further vs. Farther
Than vs. Then
Affect vs. Effect
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