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Professional Competency

No description


on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Professional Competency

Professional Competencies
My Competencies
By Joseph Torres
Describe your competencies and how they reflect your work culture preferences
Why are the competencies important to your future career goals?
Competencies are important because it helps
Career planning
Morals and beliefs

What is the industry outlook for your preferred career path?
consulting (independent , sales )
home health ( great high paying job / helps community)
Own a business.

Do these competencies intersect with your potential career? Explain.

Based on your activity results, what are three possible employers that align with your preferred career path?

Consulting firm
Medical capital Sales
Franchise.(subway / gnc/ little caesars

What is personal competencies?
The ability ,commitment ,knowledge, and skills to act effectively in a job or situation
Competencies strengths

-Coping with pressure
-adapting to change
-taking intiative

Work culture preferences

-high team powered

-team centered

-well resourced

How they Reflect?
- these strengths work well together and give me an all around perspective in the work environment.
-Work ethic
-team player

I do not believe they intersect with my career, I believe that each of these competences help guide me in my work career.

What actions can you take either to improve your stronger core competencies or to strengthen the areas in which you are not as strong as you progress through each course in the program?
Comments & Questions
to help improve and strengthen core competencies
-focuses on weak points
-open mined
-except criticism
-remain focused

To be successful in life one must manage their priorities and be persistent in achieving their personal goals by understanding their capabilities in correlation with their personal competencies.
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