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The Great Debate: Lies in Advertising?

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Matthew Thompson

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of The Great Debate: Lies in Advertising?

Part 1: Did Wendy's Lie?
Are there really 256 ways to personalize a wendy's hamburger?
The different toppings that could be put on a hamburger at wendy's are Lettuce, Tomatos, Red Onions, Pickles, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, Bacon, and Cheese

4) To Calculate you would use Combination instead of Permutation because it does not matter which order the toppings are put on the burger.
5) Calculations:
Different ways to personalize shoes
: Running, Basketball, Jordan, Sportswear, Training, Football, Soccer, Golf, Skateboarding, and Tennis.
Part 2: The Truth
We chose Nike Shoes for our different company
The Great Debate: Lies in Advertising?
By: Matthew T, Zach H, and Alfaaz

256 ways is too low of a number
We came up with 512 ways to personalize a Wendy's hamburger.

We decided to use combination, since the order doesn't matter, so we started off with the 9 toppings taken 1 at a time, and then added them all up to see how many different combinations of toppings could be on a Wendy's hamburger.
6) # of ways to make a hamburger based on the facebook post
In the picture there are 15 toppings

=32768 ways to personalize a Wendy's 1hamburger with 15 toppings available
7) We did not find any other toppings that Wendy's offers in other states
Nike claims that are 3360 ways to customize your own pair of shoes
: Nike+, Fan Gear
: White, Silver, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple, Gray, Brown, Black, and Cream
: Canvas, Nike Flyknit, Glow in the Dark, Leather, Mesh, Metallics, Patterns, Reflective, Suede, Synthetics, Water-resistant, Woven
We used the counting principle to see how many different ways a pair of Nike shoes could be customized because it is the same if you were to make a tree diagram of all of the possibilities. Multiplying them together gave us 3360 ways. Combination would not work because we are not choosing a certain number in each category, only one from each.
We were correct, there are 3360 ways to customize a pair of Nike shoes!
Part 3: You're Hired!
Part 4:What did you learn?
1) All advertisements are not always 100% true. These advertisements are sometimes inaccurate because they need to accquire more customers and want money. Their main goal is to attract buyers to but their products.
2) It is disappointing to learn because you count on these facts to be true, since you are investing your hard earned money on their products.

3) Mathematically speaking, we learned that Permutations and Combinations are applicable in real life situations. We figured out how many options you could chose from something using permutations and combinations. We learned how to test businesses credability, to see if they are telling truth.
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