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on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Government

Strom thurmond served more terms as a senator then anyone else and set the record for congress's longest speech,wich lasted more than 24 hours! South Carolina's governer is electeted for a four year term and may serve no more than two consecutve terms in office.
Textiles, metal products, and chemicals are all produced in South carolina

Tourism is also important to SC's economy.
economics and resorces
Native american
Although South Carolina is the 11th smallest state, its land is incredibly diverse. You can find sandy beaches, flat grasslands, rolling hills, mountain peaks, and swamps. About two-thirds of the land is forested, and South Carolina has more swampland than any other state except Louisiana. The state’s elevation slopes downward from west to east, starting with a tiny section of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west. Likewise, rivers flow from west to east until they reach the Atlantic Ocean. The hilly Piedmont Plateau, called upcountry by natives, comes next and occupies about one-third of the land. The rest of the land, called lowcountry, is part of the flat Atlantic Coastal Plain. Along the coast are beautiful beaches, which are popular with the tourists. The animals that live in the state are just as diverse as the land. Deer, bobcats, and beavers live in forested areas, and snakes, alligators, and turtles make their homes in the swamps or along the coast.
Capital: Columbia
State Abbreviation: SC
Governor: Nikki Haley (Republican)
U.S. Senators: 2
Tim Scott (Republican)
Lindsey Graham (Republican)
U.S. Representatives: 7
Republicans: 6
Democrats: 1
State Senators: 46
State Representatives: 124
Counties: 46

Me and Garrett have both been
to carolina!
go creepers!!!!!!!!!!!!
South carolina
Economic Location
Mrtyle Beach
It's vacatoin time!!
In 1670, Charles Town was founded. Ten years later, the community picked up and moved across the river to better ground. Charles Town grew to be a busy port town, and the people prospered. Although South Carolina initially tried to maintain ties with England, the colonists grew increasingly discontent with British rule. In 1776, the British army fired on Charles Town, so the citizens were forced to fight back. During the Revolutionary War, the British eventually took Charles Town and most of South Carolina. By the end of the war, the citizens pushed the troops out and became the eighth state to ratify (approve) the Constitution.
carolina is a huge tourist
My (kade jakubcin's) mom lives
in carolina.
look at what we found!!!
its from carolina!
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