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on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of UITM SHAH ALAM

COM 532
Consumer Behavior

Prepared for : Madam Rosni Jaafar

Prepared by :
Suraya Binti Azman
Sharmayn Nabila Abdul Hai
Farah Nurul Wahidah Kadir
Nur Nabila Natasha Ismail

Company Background
SWOT Analysis
Classical Conditioning
Malaysia Milk Sdn. Bhd. (MMSB) was associated in 1969. In the beginning, the focus task of the company was to distribute a range of quality products manufactured by Singaporean counterpart, Malaysia Dairy Industry Pte Ltd. However, in 1977, Malaysia Milk Sdn. Bhd. began their own manufacturing operations on prime industrial land located in Petaling Jaya.
Founded in 1963.
Joint venture between Singaporean partners and the Australian Dairy Produce Board.
First company in Singapore that produce the sweetened condensed milk.
In 1974, the company started to expand its manufacturing line to pasteurized products.
Now, MDI is a leading dairy and beverage company in Singapore and Malaysia.

Good Quality Product
Difficult to find in small groceries
Wide market
Many Strong Competitors
Before Campaign
During Campaign
After Campaign
Positive Attitude and Happy Feeling
Purchase Product
Associated with
Advertising Commercial and Jingles
Positive Attitude and Happy Feeling
Advertising Commercial and Jingle
Positive Attitude
Happy Feeling
No Response
Substitute Products
Good opportunity to expand to another country
Not Long Lasting
Less Publicty
Variety of Flavors
Suitable for All ages
Affordable Price
Positive Reinforcement
Negative Reinforcement
Operant Conditioning & Motivational Conflict
No Sugar Added
Purchase the product
The Peel Fresh No Sugar
Added product don’t last
long if it is not kept it in
the refrigerator.
Consumer will put the Peel
Fresh No Sugar Added
Juices in the refrigerator
to prevent from spoilage.
Associative Network
Marigold Peel Fresh has been a long-standing homegrown brand for over 20 years.
Packed with vitamins and juicy goodness.
Available only in Malaysia and Singapore.
Official Website
Facebook Fanpage
Motivational Conflict
3 types of motivational conflict :
Approach-Approach- when a person faces tension or dissonance because he or she has to decide between two desirable alternatives.
Approach-Avoidance- occurs when we desire a goal but wish to avoid it at the same time.
Avoidance-Avoidance- occurs when consumers have to choose between two undesirable products.

Approach-Approach- when consumers have to choose between regular Peel Fresh and No Sugar Added Peel Fresh ; both are desirable but only one can be chosen.
Approach-Avoidance- consumer may desire to purchase the No Sugar Added Peel Fresh but due to situational factors ; the price may be higher as compared to other products or alternatives that are cheaper and healthier.
The End. :)
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