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Symbols and Signs For Weather Forecasts...

Learn and understand Symbols and Signs on Weather Forcasts...

Satang Sita

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Symbols and Signs For Weather Forecasts...

Signs and Symbols on Wheather Forcasts made Easy Key Words:

Mph=Miles Per Hour

Types of Weathers:
Heavy Rain
Light Rain
Sunny Intervals
Each of the types of
weathers have different symbols or signs. You might come
across ones like
these... Hail Stones Thunder Shower Snow Sunny Intervals Rainy Sunny
Intruments used for measuring Barometer- Air Pressure
Thermometer- Temperature
Your Eyes- Cloud Cover
Anemometer- Wind Speed
Wind Vane- Wond Direction
Rain Guage- Precipitation
Visibility Meter- Visibility
Units it's measured in... Temperature- Degrees
Air Pressure- Millibars
Cloud Cover- Oktas
Wind Speed- Per Hour
Wind Direction- Compass Bearings
Precipitation- Milliletres
Visibility- Kilometres

There are 3 different types of Rain. Frontal Rainfall...
Is When two masses of air one warm and one cold meet. The warm air which is more lighter and less dense than the cold air then rises. Once it rises it cools down and when it gets to a point where it can't hold the water in it then precipitates to Earth. Convectional Rainfall...
It is when Warm air rises from the ground that was warmed buy the sun during the day and once it rises it cools down. As it rises into the much colder atmoshpere it can'y hold it weight any longer so it comes down to Earth as any form of precipitation.
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