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Borders By Thomas King

No description

Sarah Sweneya

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Borders By Thomas King

Short Story Presentation Borders By Thomas King Conclusion: As they spend two night in their car a television vans began to arrive and interviewed the mother and boy and asking how
they felt being indian without a country. the pair, mother and son, became a viral news story and by noon a man in a fancy car approached the mother and asked to speak to her. when the mother came back she went into her car and drove to the U.S border with her son. when the border guard asked about her citizenship, she replied, "Blackfoot". the guard replied, "Thank you,
have a pleasant trip." and allowed them to cross. the news
vans filmed them crossing the border. Character Types: Protagonist: The protagonist is the boy and his mother because the story revolves around them. Point of View: This story is in first person limited omniscient point of view
because the story is expressed through the eyes of the boy, and no other perspectives are shown. Theme: The theme in this story is personal identity, the mother is not willing to label herself anything other than Blackfoot. Another important theme is pride, the boy's mother is proud of her roots and is not willing to push it all aside and label herself as Canadian. Figurative Language: Simile: "...both men swaying back and forth like two cowhands headed for a bar or gun fight". this compares the men to two cowhands.
Hyperbole: "You got a big mouth". This is an exaggeration, no one has a big mouth.
Allusion: "The great salt lake is one of the natural wonders of the world". This alludes to the wonders of the world.
Simile: "Gone floating after some make like a string on a balloon".
This compares a man to a balloon. The End. Body: As they reach the U.S border they are asked by a border officer where are they headed, the mother replies that she is going to Salt Lake City to visit her daughter. The officer asks for her citizenship, they mother replies "Blackfoot". the mother did not want to claim a Canadian or U.S citizenship, she was proud of her heritage and wasn't going to hide it. The problem was that she had to claim a citizenship, Blackfoot wasn't going to cut it. She is then stuck with her son between the Canadian and U.S border until she would state her citizenship. Antagonist: The antagonist in the story is the border crossing system. This is Man v.s Society, since the mother is in a conflict with the way Society deals with issues such as citizenship. Static Character: The static characters in this story are Laetitia's Boyfriend, and Mel, the duty free shop owner. Dynamic Character: The dynamic characters in this story are Laetitia, at first she wanted to move and had a boyfriend but they then break up and she begins to consider moving back. Also the Border crossing system has changed, you are now allowed to claim an Aboriginal confederacy. Setting: This story is set in the modern times, no year specifically but we can infer this because of the fact that that they own a car. The story takes place over a few weeks, with flashbacks about the past. The story takes place in 3 places, the Blackfoot reserve, the American-Canadian borden, and the duty free shop. Flashbacks: This story has many flashbacks, they mostly revolve around conversations that the boy and his mother had with Laetitia talking about Salt Lake City. To the boy, Salt Lake City seemed like the best place in the world, but after a week of being there they got bored and went back home. Symbols: Character Personalities: Mother: Headstrong
Determined Son: Laid back
Positive mind Laetitia: Independent Person
Affectionate toward family
and friends Mel: Caring
Sincere Symbolizes Laetitia leaving. Symbolizes justice. Extra Information about the Blackfoot Confederacy: Introduction: This story follows the tale of a 12 0r 13 year old boy
who makes plans with his mother to go visit his sister, Laetitia, in Salt Lake City. The boy and mother's names are never mentioned.
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