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The Giver- theme

No description

kimberly eller

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of The Giver- theme

THE GIVER Short Summary The giver is about a boy named Jonas that lives in a community that has no emotion or feeling and the main character wants to change that by running away to a different community. The main Theme In the Giver there are multiple events in different parts of the plot, because of this ther are also many themes. The main theme seen throughout the book is Losing Hope. Author: Lois Lowry Supporting details "He forced his eyes to open as they went down, He could see lights." 2. "The memory faded, leaving him colder than before." "Jonas felt himself losing consciousness and with his whole being willed himself to stay upright." 4. "Jonas knew below that they were waiting for him." 5. "Some how some way the apple was chaging without it even being touched it was strange." Characterization Jonas thinks that he will give up before they can get to a better place, so he keeps pushing himself so that he can save them. Another example Even though there is so much uncertainty that there is a safe place to go, he still keeps going because he has faith that there is. These traits make Jonas an optimistic and persistant character. 1. 3. By :Kimberly Eller
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