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David Boyce

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Early Civilizations veiwed
suicide as means of escape from
terrible burdens or just for relief
of ones misery Once Suicide has been noticed If you feel like someone
you know is contemplating
suicide, you must SPEAK UP! Roman society hosted trained technicians who would perform assisted suicides when their clients desired to die. Well Suicide Was not seen as a major
issue by most... Usally plans to commit
suicide, they tend to be
depressed, move/talk at slow
speeds, and sometimes have
fatigue Why did everyone
take this choice? 442 B.C. Present Day Suicide Then & Now Suicide Now how does suicide now compare to then? Point them in the right direction
and find help. Is there something I can do? Over 30,000 Americans die each year due to suicide, but over 800,000 Americans attempt suicide. But SOCRATES was the first to debate the
morality of suicide. Socrates believed that humans belong to the gods and you had not the authority to take away their property. Ironically, Socrates was accused of impeity and was forced to commit sucide. Greek leader Epicurus encouraged his followers to die by suicide when their lives no longer afforded happiness. But most importantly no one was judged for committing this act. Have you ever heard someone say..... Life isn’t worth living.... My family would be better off without me .... OF COURSE! There are plenty of
organizations that are willing
to help anyway possible. Such as... in an individual, they normally undergo severe watch and attend a form of counseling Suicide is a widely known issue and people go to
great lengths to prevent it. Everyone Deserves to
live a full life. People who commit suicide are usually driven
by a bully, family issues, but everyone has
different reasons. There are many people throughout the world who
stand out and help anyone they see who is having a
harsh time. ARE YOU ONE OF THE FEW?

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