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Unit 2: Analyzing a Text

"A Rhetorical Analysis of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space'" by TeachArgument.com

Prof Johnson

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Unit 2: Analyzing a Text

What are the rhetorical situations?
What are the rhetorical appeals?
On Friday we asked...

Who is Swift's AUDIENCE?

What is Swift trying to elicit from her audience?


Reading Discussion
Ch. 8 Analyzing Arguments
In your assigned group, complete
Exercise 8.1 in today's homework assignment.
Unit 2: Rhetorical Analysis
Quick "Rhetorical" Review
Back to Taylor Swift...
“A Rhetorical Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space” by Teach Argument
Homework Reading Discussion (time permitting)
“A Rhetorical Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space” by Teach Argument
A rhetorical analysis is all about


Now that we have an idea about who Swift's audience is, the response she is trying to elicit from that audience, and an initial sense about her overall success, what we need to do now is ask...

How did Swift successfully (or unsuccessfully) elicit a response from her intended audience?

What LANGUAGE did she use?
Language is not bound to alphabetic text (i.e. books). Language can be expressed in a variety of ways in order to communicate meaning (or the absence of meaning if you want to get existential).

Body Language
Print Images / Digital Images

In order to write a compelling rhetorical analysis of your chosen music video, you will need to analyze what you see, hear, contextualize, intuit, and so forth in order to figure out HOW the artist has elicited a particular response from his or her audience. What LANGUAGE does he or she use?

To examine the "language" used in your chosen music video,
and long before writing your thesis statement
(...l...o...n...g... b...e...f...o...r...e...), you will need to tear apart your chosen music video. Question everything; write it out; make a mess on the page; read into everything.

Like this...
Freewrite #10
Homework Schedule Changes:

Your Unit 1 Final Draft is due on Friday.

Class on Friday.
Howdy, y'all! Go into your Unit 1 Middle Draft, read my feedback, and freewrite a response by responding to these questions:

Do you need to rewrite any of your paragraphs? If so, why?

Is there a particular comment that shows up more than once? If so, what?

Did I insert any links into the comment boxes? Where do those links take you to and why do you need to use them?

How will mastering these skills serve you in the real world?
In order to push you out of your comfort zones and to change the classroom dynamics, you are required to sit with your peer review group members for the rest of the term in the row I designate...
(my) RIGHT ROW: Jae, Vincent, Logan B., Jakob B., Alex T.

BACK: Beau, Allison, Junior, Clayton, Lex

BACK: Ian, Logan S., Gediyon, Carl

(my) LEFT ROW: Alec C., Jon, Teleko, Kyle
You guys have gotten too comfortable. International students sit with international students, friends sit with friends, you
to work with new people when you are asked, so...
Quiz on Friday... you better know these.
What is a critique essay?

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?
Class begins at 9:10 a.m. sharp,
so type quickly.
Get Up & Move, Y'all!
"Rhetorical Analysis"
by Stephen Wilhoit
Use the string of questions in this reading to begin exploring HOW your chosen music video serves to elicit a particular response from a particular audience.
last Friday's reading
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