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Copy of Copoeira

No description

Jake Nailer

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Copoeira

Capoeira So! Where did it all start? It all started in Africa When people from africa were minding there own business some Brazilians came over to Africa and took various people back to Brazil. These slaves were from all over Africa, they were distrubuted in three main ports:Recife,Bahia and also Rio de Janeiro. These people from Africa became slaves, more than two million Africans became Brazilian slaves. Capoeira The History of Capoeira Where did it all start So what happend next As the Africans were slaves there only way to freedom is violence. So they had to fight there way to freedom, however, they had nowere to practice! So they disgused thier training as a dance. They would face of one to one practising there moves with no contact, they made there attacks look like dance moves so they would not get cought practising martial arts. However after a while However after a while in the year 1892 capoeira became illegal in Brazil and all of the African slaves were thrown onto the streets of Brazil with no money, food or family.
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