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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Timeline!

No description

Olivia Feldman

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Timeline!

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Timeline!
August= School
1 September 1933

Going to Strawberry
1 October 1933
Cassie Beats Up Lillian Jean
After being pushed around in Strawberry, Cassie decides to pretend to fit the "slave" stereotype until she beats Lillian up and threatens her with all her secrets she had told Cassie.
T.J. Team
T.J. begins hanging out with the Wallace boys and becomes a thief. In March T.J. is beaten after breaking into a store and his family is put in danger and he is almost lynched.
First day of school for the Logan Kids! Cassie and Little man refuse to use textbooks because of their conditions and racial discrimination.
Papa & Mr. Morrison
3 September 1933
Papa comes home and brings a man who was fired from the railroad home with him. Though Mr. Morrison is hiding, he is also protecting the family and finding himself a family in the Logan's.
5 September 1933
Bus Crash
The Logan's build a pit for the White kid's school bus to crash in so it won't purposefully splash them.
Cassie goes to the town of Strawberry and gets pushed around because she is African American and free willed. She does not understand until after why everyone is so disrespectful to her.
2 October 1933
Mama explains racism to Cassie and how White's only think they are better. Uncle Hammer comes and almost attacks Charlie for pushing Cassie down.
20 November 1933
25 December 1933
Uncle Hammer gets the Logan family something for Christmas including a special jacket for the oldest brother which he gives to T.J. Jeremy-a White boy from down the street even gives the Logan's a present.
Telling T.J. Off!
January 1934
Stacy Logan and the other Logan Children tell T.J. off after having enough of his manipulation and bullying.
25 February 1934
1 July 1934
Momma Fired!
25 March 1934
T.J. complains to the owners of a White store and gets Momma fired for standing up for Racial rights and their historical oppression.
26 May 1934
Papa, Mr. Morrison and Stacy are ambushed by the Wallace boys . Papa's leg is broken meaning he can't return to the Railroads. Mr. Morrison beats up the Wallace s. Uncle Hammer comes a little later to give them money to pay taxes to keep the land by selling his car.
Fire In The Land!
1 July 1934
Papa starts a Fire on Logan land to avoid a lynching of T.J. and possibly the Logan's. The Fire is put out but only after eating up a quarter of the Logan's cotton!
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