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University of California, Davis

No description

Angelee Nicole Caparas

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of University of California, Davis

Description of College
Application material
•You MUST take either the ACT or SAT before the December you apply
•a. History/social science - Two units
•b. English (or language of instruction) - Four units
•c. Mathematics - Three units (Four units recommended)
•d. Laboratory science - Two units (Three units recommended)
•e. Language other than English (or other second language) - Two units (Three units recommended)
•f. Visual and performing arts - One unit
•g. College preparatory elective - One unit
•Admission fee of $80
•GPA - 3.9

History of the College
Founded in 1905 by Governor George Pardee.
Pardee signed into law, an act to establish a University farm school. He drafted a detailed bill where he specified that a future state agriculture school would need a location that was already irrigated
Financial Aid
Social Activities
Surrounding Area
Many recreational activities you can join, hundreds of clubs and activities that you might be interested in
Outdoor adventure
Yolo biking
Rock Climbing
Craft Center
Also associated with San Francisco for people to wind board
A student will be placed on probation for qualitative reasons if, at the end of any quarter, the student’s grade point average (GPA) is:
•Less than 2.000, but not less than 1.500, for the quarter
•Less than 2.000 for all courses taken within the University of California

A student will be subject to disqualification for qualitative reasons if, at the end of any quarter,
•The student’s grade point average is less than 1.500 for the quarter
•The student’s grade point average is less than 1.500 for all courses taken within the University of California,
•The student has attempted more than 16 units graded I (Incomplete),

UC Davis is a public college
Suburban area.
Not religious at all.
Mascot- Gun Rock, Horse Aggie
Business Administrator - MBA - Graduate School of Management
Master of Laws - LLM - School Of Law
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology - BS - A&ES
Political Science - A.B., M.A.**, M.A./J.D., J.D., Ph.D. - L&S
On Campus Living-
Complete FAFSA
obtain a personal ID
submit GPA to CA Student Aid Commission
your information will be reviewed
While applying to this college you may also apply for scholarships. This will determine whether you have received a scholarship or not.
Freshmen- 2 years of housing
Transfer students- 1 year of housing
"Aggie Cash" can be used for buying food, it's like a school credit card, and can only be used within the school's campus
Different types of meal plans dependng on what you're willing to pay for
Unlimited meal plan
Prime Line Meal Plans - 180 meals per quarter
Aggie Advantage - 120 meals per quarter
Budget saver meal plan - 90 meals per quarter
Career Services
UC Davis Map Med.
Myths and Legends
It's difficult making friends because everyone is antisocial.
There are underground tunnels connecting various buildings on campus, and professors use them to get to class. (False)
A student committed suicide in Sproul Hall. (True)
Students hearing footsteps on the roof.
UC Davis Urban Legends
"Cow on a Roof - In the 1980s, a group of residents from Tercero's D-Building stole a cow late one night from the local Dairy Cattle Facility and led it up the "stairway to heaven" (which refers to the steps leading up to the roof of D Building). They were attempting to test the fact that it is possible to lead a cow upstairs but impossible to lead it downstairs because a cows' knees cannot bend properly to walk back down. The cow was led onto the roof with little difficulty but sure enough, it could not walk back down. Because Student Housing could not figure out a way to remove the cow from the roof, it was decided that she would have to be killed on location... and so, she was. Now it is said that on clear nights, if you sit quietly on the stairway to heaven, you can hear the faint moos of dear Betsy's ghost... the cow.... that DIED on the roof. "
Famous people: Stephen K. Robinson-astronaut, Anthony Swofford-author ("Jarhead"),
School Rivals:cal poly san luis obispo
Someone put a cow in a dorm

Suicide note in the Malcom Hall elevator shaft - Back when I was a freshman living on Malcom 3 it was brought to my attention that if you take the elevator to the 5th floor and look up through the crack between the door and the wall, writing is visible on the ceiling of the elevator shaft. It said something to the effect of "what did I do wrong? why do you all hate me?". Legend has it that a girl hung herself in the elevator shaft shortly after writing the letter. I haven't actually been in Malcom for about 3 years so the writing may be gone by now. — DanMasiel
At the top of the shaft it says: shit, give me a chance. — ErnBro
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