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Defining Ethnomusicology & Music

No description

Josh Bennett

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Defining Ethnomusicology & Music

Defining Ethnomusicology & Music: Re-imagining our Perceptions
An Academic Field

ethnos: Nation
mousike: Music
The study of music and it's culture
The Music-Culture
Material Objects
Discussing Culture
Approaching Other Music-Cultures:
Every culture has music
Why we make that music is not always the same
Discussion: In our own music-culture - What is music for?
Your perception vs. Theirs
The danger of stereotyping
Studying Other Cultures
What's the
way to study a culture?
Observing, Researching, or Participating

Assumption vs. Truth
How does music interact with the belief systems of a culture?

Take note of when and where music is played in each culture we study
History of Music - How does music respond to changes in human culture?
What is Music?
Defining the Term

Write out your definition of music

Include the following:

What elements are needed to call something "music"?

What are some examples of "music"?
A Universal Experience
Is Music Universal?
Every culture has music
The meaning is different
Is Beauty Universal?

John Cage
Composer, poet, music theorist, and writer
4'33" (1952)
The performer is "Tacet"
The Aesthetic Experience
Preferences in sound quality and performance practice.
Critically determining why music sounds beautiful
Appreciating Aesthetics in Music-Cultures
Define the aesthetics on their terms
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