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No description

Madalyn Morris

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Leadership

The Path You Choose To Lead
Presented by: Carlos and Madalyn

Types of Leadership
Five Suggested Requirements
& 8 qualities for being a
Great Leader

Finding your way
Who am I in this role?
Who do I want to be?
How can my Leadership style contribute to this position and my personal development?
Dictionary Definition:A person who rules, guides, or inspires others
Carlos: A quality that an individual has in which they show an ability to manage and delegate people.
Madalyn: A person who exercises integrity, respect and dignity. Someone who is willing to step up and values the well-being of the group and all its individuals.
Your Definition???
Crime Scene
On Sunday August 25th, at approximately at 11:27 p.m. Acore Coordinator on duty / Conduct officer Thedore Tsau was found deceased by UPD.
Autocratic Leadership
These leaders have a lot of control and power over the people in the group and the direction of the goal/ activity. Group members don't have a lot of opportunity to suggest new ideas or express thoughts.
People-Oriented/Relations-Oriented Leadership
A positive attitude.
8 fundamental steps to developing that positive attitude
Benefits: This stye of leadership is extremely efficient and effective for getting things done.
Drawback: Can cause bad group morale and attitude.
1)Understand the power of attitude
2)Choose a positive attitude
3)Be aware of your attitude
4)Reverse your negative attitude
5)Identify your purpose and passion
6)Be proactive
7)Build Supportive relationships
8)See change as an opportunity
Your Organization
Your people

These leaders are focused on the development of the group. They are friendly, approachable and make themselves available to the members of their group.
Is the unequivocal focus on your goals and the results you want to achieve
Benefit: There is high morale and productivity. Group members feel supported by their leader.
Drawback: These leaders may have more focus on relationships and the ideas of the group then the main goal and their own personal ideas. They may also struggle with commanding authority
Is that unique quality of persistence, perseverance . It helps you reach your goals and keeps you motivated.
Democratic/Participative Leadership
These leaders are inclusive of group members ideas, but ultimately make the final decision . They encourage group involvement while still maintaining authority.
Is a discipline. Leading is more than thinking big and inspiring people with a vision. The leader must take charge by getting things done.
Benefit: Team members are motivated and feel valued. This promotes high productivity.
Drawback: Lacks efficiency. The process of decision making and execution may take a long time.

Servant Leadership
A servant leader shares power, and put the needs of others first to help people develop and perform as highly as possible.
Being A Role-Model and a Leader as an RA/ CSO/ SC
Setting the stage



"My Leadership Style"
Need an Example?
"Be the change you want to see in this world" Mahatma Gandhi
8 Qualities
1) Honesty
2)Ability to Delegate
3) Communication
4) Sense of humor
5) Confidence
7) Intuition
8)Ability to inspire
Activity: Break into your four Leadership Styles.
Rules: Each team takes a turn asking a question. Once a person has asked a question they can no longer ask another. Carlos and Madalyn can only answer yes or no questions.
-His supervisor
-His Coworker
-An Hc
-A resident he kicked out of housing
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