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Finding Theme

No description

Joshua Chisholm

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Finding Theme

Finding Theme
Finding Theme
Let's See how this is done:
RECAP: A theme is...
1. a central idea, or insight, about life that a story reveals.
Catagories to help us find theme
Practice THEME
1. Topics: the major subjects in the story/text
RECAP: A theme is...
3. often universal—themes can apply to anyone from any place and any time.
Is It A Theme?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Kindness given can often become kindness recieved
Love may be more likely to bloom when we least expect it
5. stated in one or more complete sentences.
4. NOT the same as a moral—morals give advice; themes state a truth.
2. a generalization about people or nature; themes are not about specific characters.
2. Tite: what does it suggest about the theme?
3. Conflict: what is the internal and external conflict? How is it resolved in the story?
4. Dynamic characters: how do the characters change from the beginning of the text to the end?
5. Theme: what themes are found through the story/text?
Turn the page over and let's practice finding theme for Finding Nemo
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