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Architectural Portfolio

University / College applications

Alexandre Bowman-Laverrière

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Architectural Portfolio

Portfolio 2013 Created by: Alexandre Bowman-Laverrière Programs used:

2D models:

AutoCad 2007 3D models:

Google Sketchup Elevation of a 2 floored house, plan 1 (project realised in the month of November 2011) Recreation of highschool ESCSF AutoCad 2007 Google Sketchup 8 In this short presentation I will feature several of my designs modeled using the programs AutoCad(2D) along with Google Sketchup(3D) In Detail: This 3D model (using the program Google Sketchup) illustrates the developement of a multi floored building featuring one elevator shaft located to the most western part of the structure. This model depicts the use of structures stationed directly over parking lots. Using the transparent roof you may visualize the elevation of the structure itself, using a set of stairs along with escalators to allow access to the bottom floor, or in this situation, the parking lot. Using this method in design will guarantee less clutter for the environment and will allow the construction of other structures. (November 2011)

A design on a simple 2 floored house using ancient building mechanics such as the ones used back in Rome in the early centuries. Using stalagmites such as these depicts the beauty of the original construction of the first ever structures seen to mankind. January 2012

This 3D model illustrates the use of hydraulics on a multiple leveled parking lot to allow a further number of automobiles without the use of extra space a normal parking lot would require. Using this method also allows the ease of access to nearby structures instead of having have to move that extra distance to get to your destination. The hydraulics featured here would be able to withstand a high percentage of the weight presented by these stationed vehicles and would have the ability to distribute this payload in weight to the other sections of the parking lot using weight distribution. 1. Several of my 3D models (structures)

2. 2D plan of a 2 floored house

3. Innovation of the parking lot (3D model)

4. Recreation of my secondary school (ESCSF) Table of contents Parking Lot V.1 December 2011 - January 2012

An aerial view of my highschools 2d plan using AutoCad 2007. The aim of this project was to recreate the exterior of our school to then create a 3d model using the program Googel Sketchup. January 2012

The results of the recreation of my highschool using 3d modeling. This model was made as closest as possible to scale with our accual school and contains all most recent changes done to the property. Some of these changes include the addition of the six portables along with the parking lot situated to the most north-western section of this model. Here consist of further images of my 3d model of my highschool:

*note that only the exterior of the school was completed* View of the front portion of the school: View of the portables situated at the most western section of the school. View of the side entrance: View of another side entrance located to the most south eastern point of the school.
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