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agent orange

agent orange

Jerad Smith

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of agent orange

AGENT ORANGE Agent orange is a herbicide and defoilant Agent orange was used mainly during the Vietnman war
for its use to get rid of leaves and foilage, so the enemy
could be more easily seen. Even Arthur Galston
was against its use Triiodobenzoic acid was studied by Arthur Galston during
the early 40's when people were looking for a way to reduce the growing
season for soybeans. Agent orange and other herbicides speed up
the growth hormone in the plant so that it's a
shorter growing season. Agent Orange proved to have many
devastating effects on humans
They would spray it on forest and
near enemy bases by using planes Name came from the orange identification
stripes that were painted on the 55 gallon
containers that it came in The U.S sprayed about 12 million
gallons of Agent Orange on Vietnam
from 1962 to 1971. The vietnamese people recieve
$20 a month in compensation
from their own government There are still contaminated "Hot-spots" in Vietnam, therefor there is new generations born with deformities. The U.S government has teamed up with
the Vietnamese government to try and
clean up the dioxins in the ground.
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