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Florence Nightingale KS1

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Miss Powell

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Florence Nightingale KS1

Dress up your Scrapbook with these fun extras! Stickers Scraps Other Materials pssstt...
you can crop these! (right click on any object to "Add My Collection," for use in other prezis.) (And don't forget to delete this white frame when you're done) Florence Nightingale " " " " (1820-1910) Task: Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 (The Victorian Times) In Florence, Italy.

When she was about 5 years old she moved to England with her parents

She was born into a rich family so she didn't go to a regular school, she was home schooled by her dad.

Florence dreamed of being a nurse, but her parents DISAGREED. They wanted Florence to be a housewife.

However Florence disobeyed and went to Nursing School! What happened next?... THE CRIMEAN WAR! The Crimean War was between 1853 and 1856.

It was Russia VS Great Britain, France, Turkey and Sardinia.

The War was over who controlled certain empires.

The fighting took place in modern day Ukraine. Do you know where Ukraine is? Florence heard about the war and wanted to go and nurse the soldiers back to health.

Once again her Dad disagreed. But Florence set off to the Crimea in Turkey (This took 3 weeks) Florence was sent to Scutari Hospital and she was HORRIFIED The drains were BLOCKED.
The hospital floor was covered in RATS.
BED BUGS surrounded the soldiers whilst they slept.
ROTTING food covering the kitchen.
Some men hadn't changed their clothes in 2 MONTHS... Florence made lots of improvements to the hospital in Scutari.

She had the drains cleaned, sorted out a supply of safe drinking water.

Filled the hospital stores with clean sheets and bandages, set up a nursing timetable and made sure that the soldiers were well fed and cared for.

Florence became very popular. The soldiers used to call her the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ because she used to walk the hospital wards at night to check on her patients TIME FOR A CHANGE At first Doctors weren't too keen on letting the nurses help the injured with their injuries, but they soon changed there minds! Hundreds of men were coming through the hospital doors weekly and soon all the doctors were busy that they had to ask Florence and her nurses to help! Florence would work 20 hour days - working through other nurses and doctors having their breaks, just to make sure the soldiers were safe, happy and healthy! She knew she was loved by the Soldiers, and too show she loved and cared for them too she gave them a pet... JIMMY THE TORTOISE! Jimmy's shell can still be seen at The Florence Nightingale Museum She sat with dying soldiers. She wrote letters home for men who could not write. The Soldiers absolutely adored her Once Florence returned home to England she didn't want to be famous... she knew what she had to do!
She created a 'TO DO' list on it was:
Clean English Hospitals
Nursing/Doctors Uniforms
Cleaning Rotas
Sufficient medical boxes She began writing letters to all the people she knew who could help. Nightingale received an award from Queen Victoria herself for all her hard work! Florence died in 1910, at the age of 90!
She is remembered worldwide for making hospitals clean and healthy.
Also for encouraging Nurses to be caring and clean. How do you think the soldiers felt? The lady with the lamp Can you fill in the spider diagram I am going to give you? Remembering all the feelings the soldiers must have felt whilst being in the Crimea. You have 10 minutes and then I have something fun for you to do! Good speed to your work
in London
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