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Virgin America

No description

Pedro Tavarez

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Virgin America

Team D:
Alyn V John
Monika Pendse
Pedro Tavarez

Advertising campaign
Sales promotion techniques
Public relation strategies
Personal selling process
Social media marketing campaign
Founded in the year 2007
Virgin America is promoted by the Virgin Group (own by Sir Richard Branson
The company has succeeded in making the Virgin America experience unlike anything else in the domestic skies
Appreciate a fun, vibrant flying experience
These are occasional to mid-level users, holiday travellers looking for good deals and cheap travel
Young executives and entrepreneurs, men and women, 23-30:
Young and executives and entrepreneurs who do not have a big travel budget
Frequent or heavy users
Young Men and Women, 18-22, College students:
Young adults, young couples, 22-30
Young adults/couples who appreciate a good bargain and a fun-flying atmosphere
Holiday travellers on a budget looking for deals or discounts
Mid-level executives, 31-45 yrs
Appreciate a good flying experience
Medium to heavy users
Corporate flying accounts with big corporations
Corporations who want their executives to fly comfortably as well as luxuriously at an affordable price
Extremely heavy usage
Virgin America does not engage in traditional advertising but rather focuses on social media and direct marketing campaigns.
Purpose of campaign:
1. Increase awareness
2. Convey that Virgin America is a fun, luxury flying option
The Idea!
Is based on leveraging the fun, luxurious and trendy image of Virgin America that even "things" that can fly wants to fly Virgin
"Everybody wants to fly Virgin"
TV Spot:
If you tweet about about your Virgin experience you get a 5 $ gift card to spend on the flight
If you tweet or share a FB update about us and your wonderful experiences during a Virgin America flight, you get 10 mins free wifi usage. For every person, who likes or retweets on your status/tweet, you get 1 free Virgin mile.
1. Involving Sir Richard Branson in some activities and events
2. Sending postcards to college students and young professionals in areas where new Virgin America locations will soon open.
3. Promoting their CSR activities
4. Virgin America Microsite
5. Social Media
Sales representatives for corporate accounts
Travel Agencies
Any Virgin questions?
Virgin America is currently positioned as a comfortable, luxury airline at an affordable price.

Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing Activities
Tie up with Google to conduct email marketing campaigns and use Adwords, Search Engine Optimization strategies to promote VA to customers on a daily basis
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