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Sarah's 3 Levels Of Government

The 3 leavels of government are Stae. Federal, Local

7D1 2010

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Sarah's 3 Levels Of Government

3 Levels Of Government Australia is a representative democracy where people
eligible to vote elect representatives to speak and
make elections on their behalf. The 3 levels are: Federal, State, Local (community) STATE FEDERAL LOCAL Why do we need 3 levels? 3 levels look aget different things:
Responsibility, Accountability
(responsible for actions) Federal: The decision-making body of the federal government
is federal parliment.It is made up of 2 houses= The House Of
Representatives and the Senate. Representatives elected to The House of Representatives
are called members of the house of representatives. There
are 150 mrmbers of the House of Representatives and each
member represents a seperate division. The leader is called the prime minister (Kevin Rudd) An election is held every 3 years for the house of representatives.
Austrailias constitution limits the term of office for members
of the house of representatives. The representatives of Senate
are senators. They represent a state or territory. 12 each state
2 each territory. State senators are elcted for 6 years and territory senators
are elected for 3 years. Federal responsibilities:Foreign Affairs, Acoial security, Industrial
relations, Trade, Immagration, Currency and defence. State: decsion-making body of state government= State parliment.
State parliment meets in Parliment House of the Particular state.
Each State parliment except for Queensland have 2 house. The leader of the state government is the premier
(Anna Bligh) State, Territory Government responsibilities:Justice
Consumer Affairs, Health, Education, Forestry,
Public Transport and Main roads. Local: The decision makeing body of the Local government is the
City Council or Shire Council. Councils are established by state
government to look after particular needs": City, Local Community. The peoples representatives who form the council are
called alderman or councilors. The head of the council
is the mayor or shire president. Local government responsibilities= Local road maintenence,
Garbage collection, building, land subdivisions, public health
and recreationial centers such as swimming pools. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PREZI ON ...
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