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Clash Of Clans

No description

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Clash Of Clans

In Clash of Clans your objective is to Collect resources to upgrade your village. You can collect resources in different ways. One way to collect resources is collectors. They create a certain amount of resources per hour and can hold a certain amount based on their level. You can upgrade them up to level 12 to create more resources faster. Another way to collect resources is clan wars. You get a loot bonus for your clan winning the war and for winning an attack. You can upgrade your clan castle to hold more resources. The last way you can collect resources is attacking other p,layers and stealing their loot. you get a loot bonus if you win the battle. the amount depends on what league you are in.
Troops are trained from your barracks and stored in your army camps. You can upgrade your barracks to train new and different troops. Each troop takes up a certain amount of spaces in your army camps. You can upgrade your army camps to hold more troops.
You need defenses to defend your village from attackers. You unlock new and more defenses in higher Town Halls. Defenses range from walls to keep attackers out to cannons and mortars. They all cost gold to buy and upgrade.
The two current heroes are the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. They can both be upgraded to Level 40 but are unlocked at different Town Hall Levels. The Barbarian King is unlocked at Town Hall level 7. The Archer Queen is unlocked at Town Hall level 9.
Thank you!
Clash of Clans developer is Supercell. Supercell currently has 3 games on the mobile market. The games are Hayday, Boom Beach, And Clash Of Clans. Their most popular and successful is Clash Of Clans. Millions log on every day.
You can join a clan. Clans can consist from 1-50 members. The ranks are leader, co-leader, elder, and member. Clans can donate troops to each other, participate in clan wars, and give each other advice. You can earn extra loot from clan wars. You can also earn levels in clans. The higher the level the better perks your clan has.
There are 4 types of resources in Clash of Clans. The firs resource is unlocked at Town Hall level 1. That is gold, you can use it to upgrade your defenses and your Town Hall. It is also used to search for people to attack. Elixar is also unlocked at Town Hall level 1. You use it to upgrade all normal troops, laboratory, army camps, and to train all normal troops. Dark elixar is a very valuable resource. You can use it to upgrade all dark troops, train all dark troops, upgrade heroes and buy heroes. The last resource is the most valuable. This resource is gems. Gems can only be earned by acheivments, destroying debris, and buying them. They can be used to buy other resources and to skip upgrade times altogether. Gems can not be stolen from other players.
Clash of Clans
Boom Beach
Hay Day
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