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The Bargain

No description

Esmeralda Estrada Arellano

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of The Bargain

The Bargain
By: A.B. Guthrie

General stores
Where were most of the general stores located?
Most of the general stores were located near a river.

food like milk, eggs, flour, sugar, coffee beans, hard candy, fruits and vegetables, cheese, beans, etc.

they also sold clothes, thread and needles, ribbons, cooking equipment, working tools etc.

sometimes even coffins were sold too!
How does the theme develop in the story?
Mr. Baumer fits in two categories that Ford said which are courage and kindness
Mr.Baumer showed courage when he stood up to Slade.
He showed kindness towards Al by giving him advice to stay in school and by treating him in a nice and friendly way.
The importance of
"It is always good to know how to read and write!"
At the end of the story it tells us Slade died because he couldn't read.
At the beginning of the story it tells us that Slade didn't know how to read
The general stores back in the west were stores that sold food and and other items that people would need in a regular day.
What kind of stuff did they sell in general stores ?
Esmeralda Estrada Arellano
while the story is going on, Mr. Baumer keeps on telling Al that it is good to know how to read and write.
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