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Pewdiepie Independent Study

No description

Sonic Awesome

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Pewdiepie Independent Study

Pewdiepie's name is not actually Pewdiepie. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is Sweden, so that is why the name is weird for you all. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a brother and a sister. His sister's name is Signe, and his brother's name is Gonzales, or Stephano.... WHATEVS.
Every famous person always has a girlfriend. Pewdiepie's girlfriend has a name like his, but it is different. Her name is Cutiepie, but her real name is Mariza Bisognin. She was born in Arzignano, Italy. She talks all cute, so I am guessing that is why she is called, "Cutiepie".
Lots of people like Pewdiepie, and they want to show it. Pewdiepie has created backpacks, shirts, pants, and other things to show off your love for Pewdiepie. (I wish I had some awesome looking Pewdiepie stuff, so I can show off my love. XD)
By: Arianna Dorsey
Yup, it's the all-time famous Pewdiepie! If you do not know who he is, he is a Youtuber (Makes videos on Youtube). Most people know him, because he is very popular on Youtube. If you know Markiplier,(Or any other famous Youtuber) then it would usually, under suggestions, have a Pewdiepie video, ready to be watched and enjoyed.
About Pewdiepie
Songs about himself
Pewdiepie does songs about himself. Usually they make no sense. Like the fabulous song he's like "I'M SO FABULOUS!'' I wish I could show you, but this dumb prezi thing is... nevermind.... Also, there is another song called "His Name is Pewdiepie" and "Jabba the Hut", but I don't think you should watch "Jabba the Hut"
Different things that you can wear so they can know you love Pewdiepie! <3
So popular
Who is Mariza?
Donating to Charity
Pewdiepie is rich, so he buys the things he needs and wants. After he has done that, he may still have money left over. Now, if you had money left over, wouldn't you spend it on something, or give it away to someone in need? Well, Pewdiepie donated money to charity, lots of it. He even has videos of him donating! You may think Pewdiepie just make videos on Youtube, but that's not the only thing...
Not only a Youtuber!
I have a kind heart you know!
(Picture in a magazine)
Thx for (probably)
This is a secret message... I DON'T CARE!
Don't I look like such a nice guy?
Number 2, understand?
There ain't no party like a Pewdiepie party!
Pewdiepie is number 2 when it comes to being popular on Youtube. Music takes the lead, but sooner or later Pewdiepie will be number one with the help of me and all his fans. Pewdiepie is enjoyed because he is really funny, and does anything for his amazing fans. :D Even though there are haters out there, well, hmph, haters gonna hate!
Welcome to the best Prezi and Youtuber you'll ever see and hear of!
Funny Montage
Being such an idiot like Pewdiepie always has funny moments. Pewdiepie has videos of the moments of him being a complete idiot. You could be watching for a funny montage for 18- 30 minutes, but sometimes it lasts for 1 whole hour! Now excuse me, I must continue watching funny montage number 64....
Pewdiepie has two pugs. The black one is Edgar, and the blondish one is Maya (Or what I hear is Jabba the Hut, but whatevs.)
Pewdiepie's brother calls himself "Cry" when he is playing with Pewdiepie.
Pewdiepie has about 65 or 66 funny montage videos. He must be very funny! DUR!
Markiplier, this is how he looks like. He is funny also.
IhasCupquake is also another Youtber
(Maya is "Jabba the Hut)
Don't be a salad!
Cutiepie and IhasCupquake kinda look the same...like their hairstyles...
I'm sure she has her own Youtube account, so check her out on day!
This is how you look nice XD
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