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Loc and Luke

No description

lib hist

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Loc and Luke

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Medal of Honor
Paul Bucha
Paul bucha was a captain ranked soilder who served in the vietnam war and was awarded by president Nixon in 1970 he earned the medal because of his characteristics and how he respects others
My Opinion
in my opinion I feel he deserved the medal of honor because the way he treated his comrades and how he feels about the medal of honor like in quote "im wearing it for those five who should be here today"
My Opinion
I think Jim McCloughan deserved the medal because he put his life on the line for the lives of others so that they could go home to their families.

-Different roles in the military
-Born in different places
-awarded different years
-awarded by different presidents
-Different rank
Jim McCloughan served in the vietnam war in 1968. He earned it by risking his life 9 separate times and saving the lives of 10 other soldiers. His medal was presented to him by president Donald Trump on july 31, 2017.
They both served in vietnam.
-They both showed Valor
- Both received medals
-Both got drafted
-Both saved their Comrades
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