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Figurative Language In Doctor Who

No description

Hope Halvey

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Figurative Language In Doctor Who

Figurative Language In Doctor Who

#5- Simile
#4- Onomatopoeia
The onomatopoeia is at the end of the video, when the Doctor starts making random noises. It is onomatopoeia because and onomatopoeia is a noise that is written or said.
#3- Allusion
When the Girl says, "lets kill Hitler", she makes a reference to a famous person in real life (Hitler), which is an allusion.
#2- Pun
The Doctor answers the question of "how did the intruder get in" by saying "In-tru-der window", creating a pun by mixing "intruder" and "In through the window"
Figurative Language In Doctor Who
By Hope Halvey
#1- Metaphor
This is a metaphor because the Doctor compares life to a pile of good things and bad things(without using like or as), meaning life has many good and bad aspects of it.
* The whole episode was actually an allusion, referring to Hitler and the Holocaust.
Meaning: Evil and anarchy will spread quickly and globally if people are not willing to do whatever they can for good.

This quote from the sixth doctor is a simile because he compares evil and anarchy to a plague.
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