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Landrace Hog

No description

skyler m

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Landrace Hog

Landrace Hog The Landrace breed was made in Denmark by crossing
the Large White and the native pig.
This cross was improved during years of testing and breeding. History of the Breed Physical Characteristics of the Breed Landrace have white skin and are free from black hair.
They are a lop-eared hog with a long middle, light forequarters, and excellent ham development. Male Female Piglets The Landrace was developed with definite goals in mind and selection has been both intense and effective. What Landrace Hogs are Known for: 5 Other Facts The Landrace is a long and lean breed known for its very high fertility and excellent motherhood.
In recent years, great stress has been placed on improving feed conversion and daily gain while also developing a breed strong enough to produce satisfactorily under modern total confinement systems. It stands today as a great reservoir of genetic resources for the swine world. Landrace pigs are a common second breed in crossbreeding programs in modern production, because of their good meat structure and maternal abilities. Their ham meat is well structured, and their long backs means that more bacon can be produced per pig. Landrace pigs are ideally suited for bacon and ham production. Bye!
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