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10 Easy Assessments

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michele scoville

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of 10 Easy Assessments

A few things first...
Pre-K through 6th, 375 students, in Oswego
Google Forms
Quick, paperless, online survey
Need Google Account
Amazing Data!!

How to assess learning in whole groups and in demos.
Post it on a wall in your room to refer to.
Ask 2, if they don't get it, reteach.
Name Rings
Laminate construction paper
Put student names on them
Sort by class and use a book ring
Reuse each year - just sort them!
Sheet Protectors
Did you know dry erase
markers work on sheet protectors?
Dry Erase Boards
Formative Assessment
Quick Check
Fix what is wrong
Try again

Popsicle Sticks
Formative Assessment
Give 2 to each student
Either/Or Questions
can use paper, spoons, pom poms, anything!

10 Easy

Presented by: Michele Gorham
Make it fun and colorful!
Quick 1-2 sentence responses
Easy to display learning in halls and art room. (BONUS!)

Try it!
KWL Post Its!
When done stick to posters on the wall

How? Make a template in word by using shapes (make size of shapes match size of Post it). Type questions and print. Then stick post-its to squares, print in inkjet printer (feed sticky part through first) AMAZING!
Post It Notes!
Use to pick random students!
easy to modify
circle an answer
fill in the blank
practice without the waste
use color images without the waste
hold together with a book ring
Exit Tickets
Quick Paper Assessments
Sorting, word banks, fill in the blank.
Before the next step.
Reteach as needed.

Formative Assessments=
Quick checks (CFU) during a lesson/project to monitor student progress and learning. Instant feedback that can be used to modify a lesson as needed.
Summative Assessments=
End of Lesson/Project Evaulations.
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