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Road Trip

No description

Desmond Dobbins

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Road Trip

Road Trip By Desmond Dobbins
Trevor McDonald We are driving to three different national parks, first the Great Basin, Second the Grand Canyon, then Las Vegas, last to Death Valley. We rented a car a Nissan Altima First we are driving from Eugene to the Great Basin to camp there for three days Then we drive to the Grand Canyon from the Great Basin and we are camping there for three days Then we are driving to Las Vegas from the Grand Canyon and staying there for four days Then we head from Las Vegas to Death Valley to camp there for 3 days Then we head home Day 1 Today we are driving to Lower Lehman campground. To camp there for three days. Day 2 On day two we went fishing we had no luck but a couple of bites. Day 3 On day three we went hiking we saw lots of cool birds and a kid named James we were with fell and twisted his ankle Day 4 Today we drove to are next stop and Desmond hit a Raccoon on the way. And we are going to be there for three days Day 5 On day 5 we went mountain bike riding. We were gone for about 3 and a half hours on our trip .It was 90 degree weather so when we got back to our camp ground we decided to go strait to sleep. Day 6 Today was day Six at our camp ground and we wanted to go mule riding once we were a hour in a person we were riding with was to fat and he broke the mules back luckily the mule recovery 7 months later. Day 7 On day seven we are driving to Las Vegas and staying at the MGM grand hotel for four days and stay at a king sweet but it is very expensive Day 8 Day 9 On day eight we head to the casinos
and waste a lot of money gambling on day 9 we were starving because we had not had any good food since we left the trip so we spent most of our day ordering everything on the room service menu Day 11 Day 10 We were tired so we were being lazy and got sleep because we are driving to furnace creek tomorrow on day 11 we had to leave the mgm hotel we left to drive therat 6 am since we had a good night sleep the night before. today we are driving to furnace creek Day 12 Day 13 On day 12
we are playing basketball at furnace creek On day 13 we wanted to do something fun because it was our last day so we wanted to golf me and Desmond challenged these two people to a 18 hole game and we won by a whole bunch Day 14 We are driving home Budget Rental car-$493 Gas-$259 Camp grounds-$140 Hotel-$438 Beginning money-$2500 Spent-$1330 Amount left-$1170
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