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A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Peasant

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Julia Hayes

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Peasant

Life as an Egyptian Peasant
About Peasants
Peasants, in Ancient Egypt, were the lowest class. They are made up the lowest level of the social structure or the social pyramid. Peasants could be were farmers, construction workers, or unskilled laborers.
Where did Peasants Live?
Peasants lived with the fewest comforts possible in Ancient Egypt. They lived in the simplest mud-brick houses that they made by themselves. Where pharaohs and upper classes feasted on tons of food, peasants lived off a simple diet of bread stuffed with fruit and honey. They were also sometimes forced to eat papyrus because of famine.
What Did Peasants do for a Living?
Peasants worked as farmers for a living. They earned some money for their crops but if they were bad, they could be punished. Farmers payed taxes in a form of crops. If a harvest came up too short to pay required tax, a farmer might be brutally beaten.
The Daily Life of a Peasant
Peasants spend most of their lives working,but they did have some free time. Despite them being the lowest social class, Egyptians depended on them for food. Peasants enjoyed a nice river game where they would battle each other on papyrus rafts and the last man standing would win. They would celebrate holidays before the planting season.
The Pyramids and Sphinx
Fun Fact
The best loaves of bread in Egypt were grounded with sand. This is why the teeth of royals showed serious abrasion.
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