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Vocabulary for "Wonder", Mrs. Stroh's 6th Grade Class

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Jessica Kachinsky

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary for "Wonder", Mrs. Stroh's 6th Grade Class

Vocabulary (pg. 90-110) "Wonder" by R.J Palacio Vocabulary Section 1 Vocabulary Section 2 4. Petty: (adj.) of little importance; trivial.

5. Instinctive: (adj.) relating to or prompted by
instinct; apparently conscious or automatic.

6. Meticulous: (adj.) showing great attention to
detail; very careful and precise. Vocabulary Section 3 7. Pogrom: (noun) an organized massacre of a
particular ethnic group.

8. Mutation: (noun) a change in form or nature.

9. Flabbergasted: (verb) surprise (someone) greatly;

10. Lighthearted: (adj.) cheerful and carefree. 1. Equip: (verb) supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose.

2. Heyday: (noun) the period of a person's or thing's greatest success, popularity, or vigor.

3. Oddity: (noun) a strange or peculiar person, thing, or trait Vocabulary Sentences 1. She equipped herself for the camping trip with
a backpack and a sleeping bag.

2. In its heyday, the looney tunes was a funny popular cartoon television show.

3. Auggie's deformity was an oddity among his classmates.

4. Most of the arguments I have with my friend are over petty matters.

5. My dog has an instinctive desire to chase squirrels.

Vocabulary Sentences
6. I am very meticulous about how my clothes are arranged in my closet.

7. The Holocaust was a large pogrom that happened in history.

8. When Bruce Banner gets really angry he mutates into the incredible Hulk.

9. I was flabbergasted with Jack Will and Julian's conversation about Auggie in school on Halloween.

10. I felt lighthearted when I watched the happy ending to the movie "The Lorax".
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