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No description

Seungku Lee

on 29 September 2013

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Under the surface in detail
Trotsky was born on October 25, 1879 to Jewish farmers in Yanoivoka near Ukraine and was named Leon Bronstein (Grossman, 1)
Trotsky was known to be more left-winged politically at an early age (1).
Trotsky was exiled into Siberia for for participating in activities that were a threat to the Ramanov Dynasty (1).
He would later escape to after four years in Siberia into the name of Leon Trotsky instead of his real name of Leon Bronstein (1).
Trotsky found work as part of the Russian underground and became a prominent figure (1).
After Revolution
Became foreign commissar, held peace talks with Germans, turned the conference into propaganda forum (Daniels 2)
Trotsky then resigned, becoming war commissar, and recreated the Red Army, used to fight against the Anti-Communists (2)
Then focused on economics in the U.S.S.R. and was second in line after Lenin ("Prominent Russians: Leon Trotsky")
Russia is too cold...
Sent on an exile to Central Asia then to France, Norway and Later Mexico (Daniels 3)
Murdered by Ramon Mercader, a trusted Spanish Communist, with an ice pick (3).

Animal Farm vs. Trotsky
Acts against Party by saying that it was violating democracy in the party and was wasting money Reform was promised
Stalin won leadership, Party criticizes Trotsky and expels him.. Trotsky works with Zinoviev and Kamenev , once enemies (Daniels 3)
Participation in the Revolution
When the revolution started, Trotsky was on a boat heading to Russia but detained in Canada but once he arrived, he organized a propaganda sheet, "Forward" to support the Bolsheviks ( Grossman, 1).
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Similar to Trotsky, Snowball attempted to set up many committees for the animals on Animal Farm ( Orwell, 23).
Snowball and Napoleon opposed each other through debates similar to Trotsky opposing Stalin (23).
Trotsky was eventually exiled from Russia similar to how Snowball was chased away from Animal Farm (39).
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Question Uno
What was Trotsky's real given name?
Leon Bronstein
Question Dos
Where was Trotsky exiled to before the revolution?

What name did he use to escape Serbia?
( C'mon you should 've known that)
Question 4 (two points)

Where was Trotsky when the revolution started?
On his way to Russia (Canada)
Question 5

Question 6
Which Animal Farm character does Trotsky resemble the most? (Hint: he's a pig)
Who does Trotsky work with After the revolution against the Party?
Zinoviev and Kamenev
Snowball (Kinda obvious right?)
Question 7
Who's written works did Trotsky read at an early age?
What was Trotsky put in charge of after the revolution specifically concerning the military?
Question 8
Karl Marx ( Hurray for Communism!!!)
Commissar of War (create Red Army)
Question 9

Who killed Trotsky?
Ramon Mercader
Question 10
Name3 relations of Animal Farm to Trotsky
Answers may vary

What was the name of the person who took over after Lenin died and what was his similar character in Animal Farm?
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