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Kalea Ancient Egypt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Kalea Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
When you of Ancient Egypt, you might think of boring old history, but I see it as adventure.
Farmers played an important part in Ancient Egypt, because they grew food to feed there community they also traded in their area.
Merchants are like almost traders who did many duties, like
carried gold, papyrus (which was made into writing paper or it was made into rope),different items were sold there like: fruit, vegetables, fish, drinks, and cloth. Everything had to be traded for equal value.
Did you know, according to www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/timelines/topics/slavery.html: "...some Egyptians were sold into slavery because of debts or they sold themselves to escape poverty."
Why were Scribes important back in Ancient Egypt?
What Did Slaves Do
Slaves farmed, they kept track of supplies, and they traveled then traded.

By: Kalea Dupa
We don't know much about slavery in Ancient Egypt,
but we do know slaves were prisoners of war, which means they were captured from other countries and turned into slaves.
The Three Seasons
There were three seasons,
The Growing Season, The Harvest Season, and last but not least, the Flood Season
Flooding Season
This season is called the Flooding Season. During this season the feilds are flooded.
Growing Season
During this season farmers start plowing and planting seeds. The waters, which flooded the feilds retreated, and left rich soil.
Harvesting Season
During this Season farmers harvest all of the crops, before flood season begins. Also they repair canals for the next flood.
What do Farmers Grow
Farmers grow, wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates, vines, papyrus , and flax which was made into linen.
Shadoofs are used for irrigation.
They also used wooden plughs, hoes, and sickles.
Scribes were important because they kept track of history, and scribes were the only people who could read and write. Scribes recorded court cases, history and important events. They also kept track of food and gave the information to the pharaoh, or the government officials. Without scribes we would not now much about Ancient Egypt today.
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