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Sleep by Annie Matheson (poem)

No description

Ameer Dzulkarnain

on 27 December 2015

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Transcript of Sleep by Annie Matheson (poem)

Sleep by Annie Matheson
SOFT silence of the summer night!
Alive with wistful murmurings,
Enfold me in thy quiet might:
Shake o’er my head thy slumb’rous wings,
So cool and light:
Let me forget all earthly things
In sleep to-night!

"soft silence of the summer night"
summer night cannot be soft
"alive with wistful murmurings
alive is a human traits
"enfold me with in thy quiet might"
might is only for human and not for quiet
"Shake o’er my head thy
slumb’rous wings"
nightfall is compared to something that flies
"Let me forget all earthly things"
humans can't exactly forget all earthly things
Tired roses, passionately sweet,
Are leaning on their cool green leaves,
The mignonette about my feet
A maze of tangled fragrance weaves,
Where dewdrops meet:
Kind sleep the weary world bereaves
Of noise and heat.

"Tired roses"
tired is human behavior and roses
don't feel tired
"Kind sleep"
sleep can never ever be kind which
is a human behavior
"weary world bereaves"
the world is impractical to be weary
and bereaves
"dewdrops meet"
meeting is not how dewdrops
"tangled fragrance weaves"
meaning that multiple natural smell
blended and tangled together
"cool green leaves"
cool in this represent calm
White lilies, pure as falling snow,
And redolent of tenderness,
Are gently swaying to and fro,
Lulled by the breath of evening less
Than by the low
Music of sleepy winds, that bless
The buds that grow.

"White lilies, pure as falling snow"
white lilies compared to snow by
using as
"Lulled by the breath of evening less"
evening do not breath nether
can it lulled
"Lulled by the breath of evening less"
night air is compared to breath without
using like or as
"Music of sleepy winds"
wind is compared to music without
using as or like
From yon deep sky the quiet stars
Look down with steadfast eloquence,
And God the prison-door unbars
That held the mute world’s inmost sense
From all the wars
Of day’s loud hurry and turbulence;
And nothing now the silence mars
Of love intense.

"the quiet stars"
quiet is a human behavior that stars
don’t do
"Of day's loud hurry"
hurry is a human behavior which is not
the day’ behavior
"World’s inmost sense"
sense only appears in living things and
the world is not a living thing
"The mute world’s"
The world can never be muted
"With steadfast eloquence"
steadfast eloquence means great
means that day’s atmosphere
out of control
Tan Suet Teng
Uzma Atirah
Tan Yen Mei
Danial Azmy
Ameer Dzulkarnain
The air is like a mother’s hand
Laid softly on a throbbing brow,
And o’er the darksome, dewy land
The peace of heaven is stealing now,
While, hand in hand,
Young angels tell the flowers how
Their lives are planned.

The air is like a mother’s hand
giving human traits to the wind. wind
cannot feels like mother's hand
Laid softly on a throbbing brow
the air is compared with mother's hand
gesture without using as or like
the air is compared to mother's hand
using like
The air is like a mother’s hand
The peace of heaven is stealing now
meaning that heaven steals the
atmosphere and make it their own
Summary - Stanza 1
Summary - Stanza 2
The speaker is describing the
beauty of nature and also want to
have a good sleep ignore the
tired world suffering from noise
and heat
Summary - Stanza 3
The speaker is describing the
beauty of the environment that
he sees with the flower. It shows
the place is so nice and
Summary - Stanza 4
The speaker is laying down on
the flower field and gazing the
stars on the sky. The speaker
also describe the way that
the air flows was so nice and

Summary - Stanza 5
This stanza is describing the sky
in the in the atmosphere that the
writer is in. The writer also
describe how quite the
atmosphere is.

It was a peaceful night where
the speaker can relax and lighten
his body plus forgot all
about his trouble and worries
About Annie Matheson
-Born in Blacheath, London in 1853
-Moved to Nottingham when she was 3
-Her father was a prime minister
-Oldest out of eleven siblings
-Died in 1924
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