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Silk Road

No description

Megan Stockslager

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Silk Road

Silk Road
by: Megan Stockslager It got it's name from the silk trade
in the Han Dynasty, which is what the
road was used for. It held the most importance during the
Tang Dynasty but once the Song dynasty
had took over the Tang the road did not
hold that great of an importance. People would rob the caravans that used the Silk road in order to get their valuable goods. The Silk Road played a big role in
the developement of civilizations on
each side of the continent, because of foreign trade. Scholars belive the Silk Road started in 105 or 115 B.C and flourished till the 15th century. People were believed to stop using the road because wars would occur along the road and people stopped using it because it wasn't safe. In the west, silk was more valuable
than gold was, the capital of the Han
Dynasty had the name Silk City. Even though people learned how to
make silk on their own they still used
the trade route to trade gums and spices. It was so long that
it stretched through
three continents. The first trade route linking China to the Mediterranean Sea. If a cataclismic event happened people would need the Silk Road. Without it, it would be much harder to get supplies in and out of the area. Cultural diffusion wouldn't occur. There wouldn't be trade going on between each side of the continent. The End :)
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