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Senior Project: Animal Cruelty

No description

Maia Fenz-Mrozewska

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project: Animal Cruelty

Animal Testing
• Good of the people vs. well-being of the animals

Puppy Mills
• little or no concern for the health and well-being of animals

• born with serious genetic health problems and socialization issues

• by not buying from the pet store, the purchaser contributes to the closings of the puppy mills.
• Controversy here arises from the obvious fact that a hoarder has nothing but good intentions.

Senior Project: Animal Cruelty

For my senior project, I decided to construct a research paper on animal cruelty. Having many animals as pets, the idea of cruelty being inflicted on any of them puts me at deep unrest, so I wanted to explore the topic to find out more about why the event occurs. In the research paper, I will discuss the different types of abuse that animals are put through, as well as discuss how society and the law is working to help animals in cruel situations. The research paper will focus on an analytical discussion of animal cruelty, aiming to incite action from the audience through facts instead of sympathy. This research paper is simply a reflection of animal cruelty currently and does not necessarily address everything that should be addressed.

Entertainment Industry

• travel constantly, crammed in cages only to be let out when prodded to get onstage

• dogfighting, cockfighting and bullfighting

• circus', zoo's

Clothing and Food Industries
• fur farmers

• leather

• meat industry
Organizations that Help


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