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Humanitarianism, Development and the Global South/North

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Split Lentil

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Humanitarianism, Development and the Global South/North

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ez28@sussex.ac.uk, SB300 Tuesday 1-2
Humanitarianism, Development and the Global South/North
Seminar plan
Today's topics: Celebrity "do-gooding", humanitarianism, humanitarian communication, global north/south
General discussion of key debates/issues
Student presentation
Humanitarian campaigns producing the global south
Humanitarianism, values and instrumentality, and media logic
Celebrity do-gooding
Humanitarianism, values and instrumentality, and media logic
Which are the two developments, according to Calhoun, that shaped modern humanitarianism? How do you understand "value rationalities" and "instrumental rationalities"?
In what ways is humanitarian communication productive?
Chouliaraki talks about different types of media reports on humanitarian crises. What are they?
How is human suffering commodified?
How do you understand the statement "Organisations are ensnared in a global media logic"?
Seminar Preparation
List the key points made in each reading. How might new communications technologies be unsettling the flow of information around the world? Find an example of a media product which either confirms or disrupts the models laid out in this week’s readings.
This week's task
In groups discuss...
How is the global south represented in these texts?
How is this representation constructed through the use of specific words and images?
What might the implications of these representations be?
Celebrity "do-gooding"
What is the history of celebrity do-gooding?
What are the plus and negatives of this practice?
Discuss the politics of pity vs the politics of justice.
Look at the fund raising campaigns of at least two international non-governmental organizations. These could be on paper or online.
Draw on some (any) of the debates and issues on today's readings to talk about this video.
Take down notes of your discussions and report back to classroom.
How do you understand the statement "there are complex relationships between value and instrumental rationalities"?
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