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Smart Phone Prezi Presentation

For SpCom 329

Sudha K

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Smart Phone Prezi Presentation

Introducing the technology that will change the world... forever for the better... SMART PHONES meet the mentor INSIGHTS AND KNOWLEDGE TO HELP YOUR HERO... I am a smart phone user so this will help me with the content of my presentation heavily. I have been using an iPhone for over two years and I definitely understand how this device is so up-to-date and necessary in the evolution of humans and their technology.

I understand all the features and applications available to smart phone users. Throughout the course of my smart phone usage there have been several upgrades to the software and I see how the technology only gets more and more advanced. New features are added to make this phone easier to use and more useful as well.

I am also surrounded by blackberry users. I see how BBM has taken up the world by storm. I think the knowledge I have is somewhat specific to the iPhone so I will have to do some thorough research on the blackberry. android and other smart phones, but it is generally these three brands that are taking over the world.

I need my phone with me the majority of the time, especially when I am at school in order to get the things I need to do, done efficiently. I also know that once you go to a smart phone you cant go back and this is why this technology is going to be the most important to us in the future. The ability to use this lightweight, carry-on device to do anything. BOOSTING AUDIENCE CONFIDENCE... I know that the people who are already using smart phones will be on board with me because it will be easier for me to relate my content to their understandings.

My problem will be with T9 phone users, people who don’t have cell phones at all or aren’t willing to upgrade and join the smart phone “band wagon.” I think for these people I will need to get hands on with them.

I will need to bring in smart phones to show them how easy it is for them to use it and all the perks they can get out of it. I think I need to get them to try it out to boost their confidence about smart phones and their success now and in the future. WHAT'S IN IT TO GAIN... They gain the tools to understand how smart phones are benefiting society and how it’s making the lives of individual’s, who are so focused on multi-tasking and efficiency, easier.

With my hands on approach I hope I can allow the audience to attain as much knowledge as they can about smart phones and hopefully gain competency about smart phones that they never knew before.

I think the magical gift, for me, would be to get them to go out and make a smart phone purchase if they haven’t or realize this is not something we should take for granted. big idea UNIQUE POINT OF VIEW My point of view on the necessity of the smart phone is that I am a two year user. I am a busy student who is in an honours program while juggling four volunteer commitments. I do them all to help me become the person I have and will eventually grow to become.

Most students are in my position of having many tasks to complete in their days simultaneously. I need to save time and money and this is why the smart phone helps me on a daily basis.

Instead of going home to a PC to do a banking transaction or heading to the bank. I could do it sitting down at Tim Hortons in the SLC through online banking or by calling the bank. It is done instantly and I am not wasting my time travelling anywhere to get someone else to do it for me.

I attended the EPCON conference last year and taking a look at how much technology is taking over our daily lives has allowed to me to really embrace the important of smart phones today. WHAT'S AT STAKE For You Those who don’t adopt to the rise of the smart phone will fall behind on a technological level and social level.

This will cost them jobs and friends because one who is neglecting the use of a smart phone will put a smart phone user ahead of him or her.

Time is wasted because what can be done on a smart phone has to be done elsewhere, more resources are needed and travel time is taken up instead of getting tasks done immediately. Everyone should invest in a a smart phone or use their current smart phone to its maximum potential to stay organized and up-to-date in this fast- paced, technologically advancing world. Creating common ground SHARED EXPERIENCE Most of the audience is from my generation so therefore they’ve seen the advancement of technology right before their eyes from the time of their birth to the present. It is still advancing.
I think a similarity would be showing how far we’ve come along from VHS tapes, cassettes and huge PCs to the smart phones we have that can do pretty much anything. I think showing a timeline of our advancement would really show them the potential for smart phones in the future by understanding where we came from even from their lifetime.


I am not tech savvy or very interested in technology, but one does not have to be to understand, use and need a smart phone. It is one of those things that everyone should have and this is how I’ll connect because it isn’t some luxurious and unnecessary item. It’s something everyone can use, even people who don’t care for new technological products. COMMON GOALS To a world that will be so technologically advanced that avoiding technology will be physically impossible and this is not “my” world that I’ve created, it is the world that will just so happen to exist. My career and my hero’s career will undoubtedly need the use of technology and smart phones are the most concise devices out there. In order to get a jump start on the future, me and my audience will need to be fully capable of manoeuvring these devices. SIMILAR JOURNEY I used to have a Sony Ericsson T9 phone and I can safely say my iPhone purchase has one I have never looked back on. It has benefiting my life and allowed me to do things I could not do before. MUTUAL OUTCOMES We desire a job when we graduate and one that is most probably current and interesting. We’re going to need to be the best of the best and this is only possible if we have adapted to the use of smart phones. The decades are changing and work is no longer stationary. We need to carry it around in our hands and know how to use these devices and adapt as they advance. MOVE FROM MOVE TO Believing that a smart phone
is a waste of money and won't
benefit my life in anyway. Understanding the benefits and realizing that the cost spent purchasing a smart phone is a fraction of the time and money saved once purchased. Not knowing what the smart phone does. Being knowledgeable about the features and application that can keep your life organized and efficient. SACRIFICE The audience understands that they are sacrificing about $250 to pay for this phone. They are also sacrificing time as they use this phone. Those who claim to not have self-control risk wasting time on it. Those who do not care for it or for technology believing it is not something that interests them. RISK The risks are social and professional isolation.
Although at first the smart phone may seem costly,
that money is essentially made up as the phone
will make one's life more efficient saving that time
and money in the long run. Nowadays, companies
use social networking to stay connected. The
aspirations of working at your dream company
or one's own company are at jeopardy without
exposing oneself to networking through the internet. Nora and Jenny's Thoughts... The User (Nora) The Non-User (Jenny) only uses it for bbm, email, music, text and phone.
doesn't use internet, buy or use apps or waste time exploring
doesn't use Facebook because she'll get hooked
does not want to rely on technology
When she sees her brother using data it makes her want to, but she resists Jenny doesn't want to waste her time and be connected to work all the time
Her task load isn't heavy enough to need it
Does not want to overwork herself
Emotional connections are lost.
Jenny will eventually have to confront the era of technology and hop on this necessary bandwagon which she refuses to give into. RESISTANCE The fear of wasting time and getting distracting from school and work priorities. REWARD Efficieny! Stay More connected with family and friends and just not face to face. Everyone’s catching on and to stay in the loop and on the ball all the time. Story Template Beginning Middle End Point Smart phones should be invested in and used in daily life. When, who, where context conflict proposed resolution actual resolution I was at PAS's arts ungergraduate office on the last day of class enrollment. trying to get into my courses because I only had 3 courses on my schedule and I needed 5 because every course I was taking at this point counted towards graduation complication talk to the undergraduate office to help me get into these classes that I was desperate for. they could not help me with quest and I needed access to quest but would not make it to a computer before the university closed. I sat outside the office and used my phone to open up the uw schedule of classes, my speech com requirement page, my quest page, the rate my professor page and my email to check information, email professors and I finally filled up my schedule in one sitting.
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